Talk about being blest…

A Hundred-Million Miracles

Featured imageThat image of the kneeling young girl was not one that I had intended to be in that etched drawing on wood!  I was hurrying to finish it in order to enter it into an online art contest, and as I stopped working on it in order to assess my progress I was shocked to see that image!  To make matters worse, the image-in-profile reminded me strongly of myself at about age 5 or 6!  I originally thought the little girl was wearing a cardigan sweater similar to a blue one I used to love wearing.  However, as I began to look more closely, I suddenly realized her right arm actually appeared to be a wing, reminiscent of an angel’s wing.  And, her right leg is so skinny as to make her appear to be a concentration camp victim who was nearly starved to death!  Also, and to my total…

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