Miraculous Rescues

     Right now I’m listening to an account of a miraculous rescue that took place recently, in which 3 men ran to rescue a man trapped inside his crashed SUV.  The police officer recounted how they managed to do the impossible, and, with very obvious help “from above”, were able to pull a man free in time to avoid having him be burned to death, or killed in the explosion that took place as soon as they pulled the driver out of the car.  The driver had a broken leg, that had been trapped under something in the front seat of his vehicle.  The rescuers could not free him at first, and the heat from the fire was becoming unbearable. 

     The police officer quickly asked the Lord Jesus to help them and, he said, as soon as he’d prayed for help, it was as though help arrived.  They suddenly had no trouble freeing the trapped driver, and the Officer said it felt as though the man had been lifted off of the seat just far enough for his foot to slip free, and they could then pull him to safety.  Once away from the car by only about 5 feet, the car suddenly exploded! 

     A woman who had witnessed what had happened, ran up to the officer, shouting that she had seen an angel there with them, helping them.  The officer told her he was sure they had been given divine assistance, but he had not seen anyone else there with them, and when the officer’s dash cam video was reviewed later, no one else could be seen helping to rescue the man but the officer and one other man. 

     But, the woman insisted someone else, whom she said had been an angel, had been there helping them free the driver before the explosion.  Also, after the car was burned to a cinder, they found the man’s Bible, almost untouched by the same fire that literally consumed the interior of the SUV, with it’s pages in as pristine a condition as they had been prior to the fire.  The driver said that his Pastor had given him that Bible weeks before the accident, telling him to always keep it with him, and that, so long as he did that, he’d always have a ‘guardian angel’ by his side.  That literally ended up coming true, apparently!

      So, in this entry I’m going to skip ahead to a time in my life around 18 years after I became a born again believer in Jesus as my Lord and Savior, to an incident that occurred one afternoon way back in the early 1990’s, out on the New Jersey turnpike, near to where we lived at the time.  I didn’t hear the crash happen, but I did begin to hear the helicopters that were flying around and around over one section of the Turnpike, which was only a short block from our house, down an embankment, behind a row of homes.  As soon as I heard the helicopters I felt moved in my spirit to begin praying very mightily for someone involved in that crash. 

     I had not one clue as to what had happened, how many vehicles were involved, nor how many victims there might have been.  But, due to the urgency of the inner prompting from God’s Holy Spirit I simply trusted in Him, and began to pray and the prayers came so easily, it was almost as though God’s Holy Spirit, who knew what had taken place, was actually the one doing the praying through me, and I’d never felt something so awesome!  So, as long as I felt His leading me to pray, I continued doing so. 

     It wasn’t until the next day that I finally learned what had happened.  An 18-wheeler had braked suddenly, which caused the car behind it to rear-end it, but then the vehicle behind that second vehicle smashed into it, and pushed it in under the big rig.  The driver of the vehicle, that had been sandwiched in between the other two vehicles, had been killed. 

     However, when I read about the passenger that had to be cut out of the wreckage with what is called “The Jaws of Life” tool, and that he had been alive, so was flown to a nearby hospital by helicopter, my heart jumped for joy!  It was not only good news about the victim, it was also confirmation that my being led to pray for someone in that accident truly was not just my over-active imagination, coupled with wishful thinking, but really had been from God!

     I was so excited about it that, as soon as I could, I told a long-time friend of mine all about what had happened, and how I’d felt led to pray for someone in that crash.  But, instead of being happy about it, she began to laugh at me, with a laugh that was so filled with scorn it made me cringe, and nearly broke my heart. 

     While still laughing at me, she said, “You were praying for a DEAD MAN!”, and continued laughing.  But, I told her NO!, that there had been another victim in the wreckage who had to be cut out of the car, then was flown to a hospital STILL ALIVE.  So, it had been that victim whom God had wanted me to pray for, and not for someone who had died!  She stopped laughing, and really looked stunned at that news, and I felt so vindicated by that.

     I sincerely do consider my being led to pray for that victim as being a genuine miracle.  Otherwise, there was no way I could ever have known to pray so hard for someone involved in that accident the way I did.  I could literally feel the desperation as I began to pray, even though there was no way I could even find out for whom the prayer was meant, until it was mentioned on the news, and was in the newspaper the next day! 

     As I said before, miracles come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, so to speak, and they can be big or small, but the stamp of the Divine on them is completely unmistakable.  I actually consider that miracle to have been rather large, especially for the poor victim who, without help from Almighty God, would more than likely have died while still inside that wreckage, along with the driver of the car! 

     So, for that reason, as well as for the chance it gave God to help me witness Him literally ‘in action’, both prompting a prayer from me, and answering it as well, I will always be totally grateful to Him.  It also gave God a chance to show me what the Lord meant by our ALWAYS ‘praying in the Spirit’, since God’s Holy Spirit knows what we should pray for, whereas we more often than not do not know.   Jesus is my Rock, and my Salvation, ‘a very present help in trouble’, indeed! 

     As for being ridiculed over what I said had taken place–God can use that type of incident to teach us more than a few things, about Himself, about ourselves, and even about life in general, and what the Lord Jesus meant when He told us to even forgive those who are spiteful towards us, who laugh at us, and ridicule us.  Because, they desperately need Him, while we already have Him, thanks be to God, our Father, amen.

Au Revoir, mes amis, et…à bientôt!



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