“I Want My Puppy Back!” {Pt.4}

May 2, 2016



https://i2.wp.com/www.clker.com/cliparts/4/l/V/C/Z/L/pot-th.png  {The Story continues} Our other two dogs, who were our ‘rescues’, Ruby, who was a Bouvier des Flandres [a Belgian cattle dog, sweet as the day was long, who would jump like she had springs in her legs!] whom we had spared from a life worse than death when we bought her for the not-so-grand sum of $50, and Bear, who was a Chow-Lab cross[with a heavy, black, long-haired coat, with a curly tail, and with the black area on his tongue, and the one-beloved-owner loyalty trait, all four of which demonstrated his Chow-Chow heritage {except for his black coat color}, yet with the sweet disposition that demonstrated his Labrador Retriever heritage], whom we had spared from being euthanized in a kill shelter, remained with us for nearly 4 years after Moosie and Kelly passed on.  They were both well up in years by 2006, with Bear being nearly 11 or possibly 12 years old by then, and Ruby wasn’t far behind him in age.  They had made the one trip down to Ft. Polk with us that Christmas of 2005, but we had to leave them with a friend when we made the return trip to Ft. Polk the following July of 2006. 

https://i1.wp.com/www.clker.com/cliparts/a/5/f/4/119709240579488175Gerald_G_Simple_Teddy_Bear_1.svg.thumb.pngThanks to my sister, both for her generosity in providing me with the airline tickets, as well as for her 3 years of persistence, as she insisted I use those tickets to fly out to visit with her and her family in northern California, I finally gave in and flew out to see her in April of 2009.  I had put up a fight against going, though, for two reasons–my desire to be able to go down to Fayetteville, North Carolina first, to visit with my granddaughters first, and due to my extreme fear of flying that I’d developed beginning in the mid-1990’s, for some reason.  That terror at even the thought of flying had grown way out of control, too, and I almost thought I couldn’t overcome it, due to how extreme it had become!  But, after one false start, during which my fear became so acute that I finally just couldn’t go through with boarding that plane, I gathered up what courage I could find, and finally flew out there 3 days later! 

https://i0.wp.com/www.clker.com/cliparts/4/Z/m/Y/h/K/praying-girl-th.png   My heart just sank, though, as I knew that, thanks to our near poverty at that time, there was no way we could even afford for me to take the train down to North Carolina.  My being able to fly out to California was only thanks to my sister’s ability to provide me with free tickets, that she had earned due to the fact that she flew allot for her job back then.  I knew how ironic it all was, too.  As though I was flying right over my granddaughters’ house!  It was a kind of cruel irony, to me.  I, also, was very concerned about leaving at a time when I feared that Bear might need me, due to his advanced age.  I found myself wondering if I would make it back in time to be with him at all before he passed away.

https://i1.wp.com/www.clker.com/cliparts/a/5/f/4/119709240579488175Gerald_G_Simple_Teddy_Bear_1.svg.thumb.png   Shortly after I returned from California that April of 2009, Bear began going down hill, physically.  We knew he had become so elderly that it might only be a matter of time before we lost him, too.  The day that he died, though, I was so thankful that I was there.  It turned out that he had need of my help shortly before he passed away.  Early that afternoon he had gone outside, and had seemed fine.  Not long after he’d gone out into the yard, though, I looked out to see how he was doing, and I saw that he was laying on the ground, struggling to get up.  I ran out there, to see if I could help him.  As I tried to help him to his feet, he suddenly began quickly walking towards the front gate.  I stayed with him, and was wondering if he wanted to go over there since that was where he always liked to wait for Bob to come home. That’s when he suddenly collapsed out from under me, as I’d had both hands around his chest, trying to help him walk. 

https://i0.wp.com/www.clker.com/cliparts/4/Z/m/Y/h/K/praying-girl-th.png   Once he was down, I began shouting for Bob, telling him Bear was in big trouble.  That’s when I suddenly began to pray, and, through tears, I asked God to please not let Bear die outside like that.  He loved being in the house, and I asked God to please help me get him inside.  As I finished asking that of God, suddenly and unbelievably, Bear got to his feet, and began charging towards the front door, with me right with him, trying to help hold him up as he went!  Bob had also just opened the front storm door, so he could look to see what was going on.  I shouted for him to hold the door open, and Bear and I made it up the stairs, and into the house, just as Bear collapsed onto the floor!

https://i1.wp.com/www.clker.com/cliparts/a/5/f/4/119709240579488175Gerald_G_Simple_Teddy_Bear_1.svg.thumb.png   Without even looking, we both knew that Bear had died just as he’d laid down on the floor.  We were so very sad at seeing him laying there that way, but I was also very grateful to God for answering my prayer that way, and so quickly.  He had wasted no time at all in helping Bear to make it inside, where he loved to be, so that he passed away in the place he loved the best.  Bob took him over to the Vet hospital across the river, where they cremated him that afternoon.  I couldn’t believe that he was gone, even though I knew how elderly he had been, and that it had been such a blessing for us that he had lived so very long.  Longer than any dog we knew of, as well.  Our best guess as to his age was that he had been about 14 or 15 years old when he died, which seemed incredible to us.  Most dogs we’d ever had, or had known about, only lived to be about 10 at the maximum, and most were much younger when they died than Bear had been. 

https://i1.wp.com/www.clker.com/cliparts/a/5/f/4/119709240579488175Gerald_G_Simple_Teddy_Bear_1.svg.thumb.pngWe were just grateful that we had taken him in as we had back in 2000, when someone who loved him put an ad online, begging for someone to please help spare his life by adopting him.  The story she told us, concerning how Bear’s owner had loved him very much, but, just before he died, he’d asked his best friend to please take care of Bear.  It was that man’s best friend’s girl friend who loved Bear, and who knew that her boyfriend, the man Bear’s owner had entrusted him to, was cruel to Bear.  When he’d become angry with poor Bear, he’d toss Bear out of the house.  Then, Bear just ran the streets of Jersey City, since he had no other place to go.  The woman who was asking for help for Bear told us that the man was fed up with Bear, so was about to place him in Jersey City’s ‘kill’ shelter, and she feared for Bear’s life!  We told her yes, we’d love to have him here with us, so she drove down to drop him off at our house.  As she let Bear out of her car, he literally bounded through the front gate and into the yard, and began running all around, checking it all out.  He seemed oblivious to the other 3 dogs who were there in our yard with him!  I was astounded that the other dogs seemed to just take his presence in their yard in stride, including Moosie!  That was a total relief to us, because we were ready for anything!  Our anxiety levels were very high as we watched Bear explore the whole yard, while our other dogs simply watched him do so!  We knew he still needed to be neutered, so Bob took him straight to the Vet’s the next day.  Once that was accomplished, he was allowed to mingle with ‘the regulars’, two of which were unspayed females! 

https://i1.wp.com/www.clker.com/cliparts/a/5/f/4/119709240579488175Gerald_G_Simple_Teddy_Bear_1.svg.thumb.png   The odd thing was, that, both Ruby and Bear ended up being with us many years longer than any of our Dobermans had ever even lived.  All the Dobes had died from either a liver ailment that had been inherited from the parents, or from heart problems common to Dobermans, and all by, or before, age 8.  Both Ruby and Bear  had been aged 3 and 5 respectively when they came to live with us, and had been with us for 10 and 9 years respectively, before they passed on.  A grand total of 13 and 14 years, respectively!  Ruby died not long after Bear died, too, which to this day has left me feeling so totally empty at times.  They had both come to us as grown dogs, yet had been with us for so long they had simply become welcome, beloved fixtures in our lives, and now they were gone, just like that–Gone!

https://i1.wp.com/www.clker.com/cliparts/a/5/f/4/119709240579488175Gerald_G_Simple_Teddy_Bear_1.svg.thumb.png https://i0.wp.com/www.clker.com/cliparts/4/Z/m/Y/h/K/praying-girl-th.png    What God had done, by answering my plea for help in getting Bear into the house before he died definitely constituted a miracle alright, no question about that.  However, it’s not the one miracle that, when it happened, there was no way any doubt was left in my mind that God had most definitely intervened.  Denial was never even possible!  Not by me!  The reason I say that is because, all of the miracles, both large and small, that have happened, have happened with me as their soul witness.  Or, at least, even though others saw what occurred, they saw it after the fact.  I was the one who had asked for help from God, for the animals in question.  So, when He did intervene on their behalf, I could readily see that for myself!  I can only wish that others had also been able to realize that what they had witnessed actually was miraculous in nature, and not simply ‘luck’ or ‘coincidence’, the two things I know now do not even exist.  God brings about, or allows, all things to happen, so there is no ‘luck’, or ‘coincidence’ involved in anything. 

https://i1.wp.com/www.clker.com/cliparts/a/5/f/4/119709240579488175Gerald_G_Simple_Teddy_Bear_1.svg.thumb.png  I am slowly but surely working towards reporting on what happened that caused me to nearly shout out to God, albeit silently just between me and Him, “I want my puppy back!”

https://i1.wp.com/www.clker.com/cliparts/a/5/f/4/119709240579488175Gerald_G_Simple_Teddy_Bear_1.svg.thumb.png  Until next time…

https://i2.wp.com/www.clker.com/cliparts/3/4/c/2/119710733034108089johnny_automatic_a_dog_and_a_cat_with_an_umbrella.svg.med.png    “May God be with you and bless you.
May you see your children’s children.
May you be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings.
May you know nothing but happiness.
From this day forward.”




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