JPM: “Murder Most Foul”, or TempestInATeapot?

September 21, 2016 {edited on January 31, 2017}

“Wednesday’s child is full of woe…”  


          A genuine treat:  The Fab 4 in one of their earliest tv appearances in England.  They definitely were special.  It’s no wonder people even today just adore them!

     Here’s another amazing treat:  The Beatles, along with the Stones, the Mood Blues, the Kinks and the Animals, in a concert back in 1965!  There is such a mystery surrounding why vintage music, such as the Beatles music before 1966, is all being ‘remastered’, which does cause the pitch of the voices to go higher.  It’s causing a bit of confusion, which is why videos, such as the one below, are being made.  People want to hear their favorite artist in their natural voices, which is getting to be harder and harder to do as the older albums are all ‘remastered’.  

     Here is a perfect example of that:

         There is one thing that forgers can not truly duplicate 100% of the time, besides the human voice, and that is a person’s special mannerisms.  When you watch the above video, notice how Paul moves to the music.  He actually keeps time with it through moving to it in a special way that only he could do.  No one else could ever match his own movements to the music.  It’s his “Hallmark”/”Watermark” so to speak, the same as is the way John moved to the beat of the music as he played, and sang.  No two people are ever exactly alike, which includes identical twins.  With twins, even their fingerprints are different from one another’s!

       No way the doppelganger could ever pull off actually being Paul McCartney, or John Lennon, or anyone else on earth for that matter.  You are You, and so unique that no one can actually duplicate you no matter how hard they might try–now, that’s comforting!  In this next video there is a demonstration of two phenomenon: Back-masking, which is a human construct, deliberately done in order to fool people, and what is called ‘reverse speech’, which is natural, and which no one can escape producing as they speak in a normal manner.  Back-masking is not distorted generally, so sounds as though the person is actually speaking forwards in a normal manner.  In the ‘reverse speech’, the sound of the words is generally distorted, and often it’s very tough to recognize each individual word produced. 

      The back-masking is fakery, the ‘reverse speech’ is not.  ‘Reverse speech’ produces statements that are the person’s own subconscious speaking the truth of a matter, or what that person believes the truth to be, and it can not be stopped.  The only prevention is to never speak at all.

     By this time, however, I am thoroughly convinced that ‘Reverse Speech’ is legit, and not some stupid parlor trick performed by trained seals who follow satan around like puppy dogs. Therefore, I am going to have to state that I am 100% convinced that ‘Reverse Speech’ is genuine.  The reasons I now view it that way has to do with the fact that, what is heard is always accurate 100% of the time, whether it reflects what the person knows is true, or whether it reflects what the person believes to be the truth.  And being totally accurate 100% of the time is VITAL, when it comes to being able to trust in something, as well as in someone.  Some people believe it’s some kind of electronic trickery, or maybe what’s heard is simply not understood properly, or whatever.  That’s not the case when it’s done honestly, and properly, by someone like David Oates of Australia, who invented, and has been perfecting, the technique for around 30 years now.  His videos can be found on, in which he presents his findings of Reverse Speech in the words of those like President Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and even ‘f’aul McCartney, just to name a few.

          In any case, I am not abandoning any trust I may have in the subject of speech reversals, because it can be shown to be that perfectly trustworthy avenue for the truth, as it’s promoted to be–case in point are these few videos I’ve placed on here that show that Paul McCartney was actually murdered back in 1966, by the satanists who run the music industry:    Apparently, there really is a “rat” in that very British tea cup, which makes me extremely sad.   In this next, short video clip, George Harrison is speaking about “Sir Paul”, but he never calls him “Paul”.  Instead, he refers to him as “Faul”, which is George’s own made-up word meaning “Fake Paul”.  So, we have one of the original Beatles calling Macca, or McCartney, “Faul”, and saying that he hasn’t the time to ‘fool’ around any longer.  Very interesting, and very telling, to say the least:   Frankly, there is now so much visual and audio, and even forensic, evidence that seems to show clearly the switch, surrounding Paul McCartney and some double, that was made back in 1966, that the only things left to do now seems to be to find where Paul’s body was/is buried , then find out who killed him!  The ‘why’ of it, though, is astounding.  The evidence against him having died in a car accident, though, is so convincing that, to go on believing that idea seems to show that, those who do, are simply wanting to ignore the evidence.

           I feel that, finally, I’ve watched enough videos made to compare Paul pre-1966, and afterwards, and so far as I’m concerned, they are NOT of the very same man, with or without his moustache, fake or otherwise–and, the real Paul never grew his own moustache:

           In the two clips, below, is Sir ‘F’aul’s[who pretends to be Paul] ex-wife, Heather Mills, and what she claims is astounding.  She appears honestly shaken up, and claims to have a box of evidence that she tells everyone, and especially reminds “Sir ‘F’aul”, that it will automatically go to an unnamed party in case of her being “topped off”, or murdered.  It’s a chilling experience to hear her speak of what was going on, and to dismiss what she says as being said by her because she simply wants to divorce “Sir Paul”, is to ignore any important facts in favor of continuing to believe all is well in “Sir ‘F’aul’s” fantasy land, or, rather, in his “Magical, Mystery Tour”.

          However, why Heather was beside herself to the point that she did compile a ‘box of evidence’, that she plans to have delivered to authorities if she’s murdered, is fairly obvious to me, and I think it needs to be taken seriously and investigated.   I can’t imagine what she might have on “Sir ‘F’aul”, but it must be a real dilly, and causes many of us to shudder at the very thought.  What is really going on here, and why is she so frightened of “Sir ‘F’aul”, hmmmm?!   This entire scenario surrounding Heather McCartney, and her ‘box of evidence’, that is either against her ex-husband, or it exposes something so serious that she fears it might get her killed, so seems far more serious than might be thought at first.  Certainly, murder, or even attempted murder, and threats against someone’s life, are all definitely serious matters.  However, many suspect what is behind what happened in her case is something far more wide-ranging, far more complex, and far more sinister in nature, and does concern us all in some way, big or small, I believe.                             What, though?!  That is the question!

       I love this song by the 1960’s group, “The Byrds”.  It was so exciting to me, as a young teen, to realize that the Byrds took the lyrics for this song straight out of the Holy Bible, Ecclesiastes chapter 3, to be exact:

     “Turn! Turn! Turn!” is one of my all-time favorites.  I just love it, and it’s just so totally apropos to what’s taking place in this world today.  It’s not yet “too late”, as the song states, but I fear there isn’t much time left before God Almighty has had enough of the sinfulness, that’s taking place ‘in spades’ all around us now.  “May you have:
A world of wishes at your command.
God and his angels close to hand.
Friends and family their love impart,
and Irish blessings in your heart!” {Irish Blessing}

   {P.S.}    I heard someone claim today that Paris has been lost, having been overwhelmed by those among the mideast immigrants who hate all those who are not of their religion.  I pray that’s not so!  God forbid[please]! 

          I love just the very idea of that beautiful city, Paris   , and even though I will probably never be able to visit it in person, I love learning about it, viewing pictures of it, and contemplating what fun it would be just to be able to wander it’s streets, eating at it’s sidewalk cafes, and just enjoying it’s romantic ways.

           Although, perhaps it will fall into the hands of those who hate us.  It was wonderful to see, in movies and in books, Adolf Hitler have it wrested out of his grasp during WW II.  I can only hope the same rescue can take place in our present time, if the worst has truly happened.  [God help us, amen]. 

      I can’t listen to “Adiemus”, the song in the below video, without thinking of Bobby, and praying my heart out.  The words are not really words, but made-up sounds, so it gives your soul the chance to offer to God prayers in the spirit of God–God hears your intentions, your heart as it were, and He understands where no one else ever could.  Your own heart reaching heavenward to God, Himself, who loves hearing from each of us.  In fact, He insists we speak to Him regularly, for our sake, and for the sake of all others. {I had to switch versions of this video to a much better, kinder one, minus the occult-friendly pictures in the other one!}                                       

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding.”

{Proverbs 3:5 AKJV}


A “White Christmas Knight” Production

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