“R” Romeo; “Cancel”; “U”You Are Running Into Danger!; “J” Juliet, I Am On Fire…Keep Well Clear Of Me!

September 16, 2016 {Edited on October 21, 2016}

“Monday’s child is fair of face…”       



     “Cancel/Annul”      !     !!!

     Using Maritime flag code, in conjunction with the Semaphore  Flag Signaling system used by the U.S. Navy, those flags I’ve placed on here [above] spell out what I honestly believe that the Beatles were signaling as they stood for that photo of them that was used ONLY on their movie Poster for their movie, “Help!”.  Ringo’s stance has no Maritime flag equivalent, but using the Semaphore code he is signaling “Cancel!”/”Annul!”/”Negative!”.  On the album cover, the order they are in does not translate into the same ‘flag message’ as it does when they are on the movie poster.  I now think the order they were standing in, that was used for the album, was deliberately changed, so that some ‘sharpie’ who could figure out what was being signaled by them, wasn’t obvious.  

Well, since I’m not so ‘sharp’, but I am very determined to understand what was going on back then, I compared their semaphore stances with the comparable Maritime flag meanings, and that’s what I came up with–“Romeo! Cancel actions! You’re heading into danger! Juliet…I am on fire…keep well clear of me!”

George: Romeo!

Ringo: Cancel[your plans]!

John: You’re heading into danger!!!

Paul: Juliet–I am on fire…keep well clear of me!

    Well, after all, I was in the Army Signal Corps back during the Vietnam era, which is why I thought of the Semaphore flags:   {A wee bit big, eh?!}

    Did my eyes ever get wide as I saw what they might have been signalling, though!  I could never understand why they had stood in those semaphore poses to advertise that movie, and the album.  It wasn’t until I noticed that the album cover contained a different arrangement of them from the movie poster.  So, curious, I used the semaphore and the Maritime flag meanings, to see if they genuinely had been trying to send a signal/message of some kind–a genuine call for HELP!–giving meaning to the name of that album, and the first song on it.  John had said he loved singing “Help!”, because it contained something real and meaningful.  Wow, did we all miss that, or what?!  If so, and I believe so now, what we missed ended by costing them all the dearest thing any of us has–their very lives–beginning with Paul.

And, no, I don’t believe “Juliet” represented the actress named Jane, whom everyone thought he was going to marry.  No, this was another lady altogether, and her name was not Juliet, but that’s who she seemed to be:

That’s the song Paul wrote about meeting her.  As of now, a video containing that song, as sung by it’s author back in 1965, can not be found on YouTube, or anywhere else online that I can see.  Why, I wonder?  The song can be found on the album, “Help!”, if a copy of that album can be found online any longer.  When the copy was on YouTube, if that song was not sped up, so that the person singing it{Paul} no longer sounded like he was singing it [it sounded more like they’d hired Alvin and the Chipmunks to sing it!], then YouTube would remove that video containing that album.

As for the song on the same album written by John Lennon, entitled, “It’s Only Love”, that one was taken off the album completely, as the album appeared on YouTube, and for the same reason–because, YouTube would remove the album if “It’s Only Love” was not removed from it.  The reason[s] behind that decision just seems to escape reason altogether, and it all falls into the category marked, “Ridiculous!”, in my opinion.  But, it’s being done by, or by those who try and protect, “Willie Campbell”/Billy Shears/William Shears Campbell/ETC.ETC.ETC.–the man who signed the contract to ‘play’ James Paul McCartney for the RESTOFHISLIFE, no less!  Giving up all that he was, to live as another man, never to be able to return to his old life, and be himself, ever again[?!].  No wonder, in the reverse speech, you hear how distressed he truly is, and that distress seems to be becoming worse with time:

   People wonder if what is being said, during the reversal of the ending to the song, “A Day In The Life”, is that “Paul will be back as Superman”.  But, if you listen very closely, with headphones on, and the volume up, you can hear this, instead: “We will all be back as Supermen”.  The reason, I think, is due to what they were being convinced of as being right–that, if they were all killed/sacrificed, then they would return here as Supermen, so, as the Australians say, “No worries, Mate!”–sounds nutty, right?  It does to us because we think properly.  But, those involved in satanism/occult practices/contacting dead spirits via Oui Ja boards, etc., do not think properly once they begin to delve into that evil garbage.  I think of it this way:  We, who love, and believe in, God, think ‘forwards’, while those who follow satan end up with their ‘brains in backwards’, at some point, so they think backwards about what appears forwards to us–and, vice-versa.

        Sort of like the two faces of Janus, on the coins I’ve seen.  One face faces one direction, so sees things in that direction, while the other face is facing in the opposite direction seeing things in that direction.  Here–this song can maybe explain things a tinsee bit better–or not–either way, it’s a great song!:

 I just had to place this video[below] in here, because it’s Paul singing one of my favorite songs from when I was a kid, especially the way it was sung by either Slim Whitman, or Frank Ifield.  Here’s Paul’s version, as a very young man, which I love just because he sang it[!], and they were singing in a club in Germany:

Below, is a version like the one I just adored when growing up–it’s twangie, but sooo great–I love Paul’s version, but hearing that yodeling sound made as Ifield sings, “When the angels ask me to recall, the thrill of it all, then I will tell them I remember YOO-OOO!” just gives me ‘goose bumps’–I LOVE IT!:

I know things are really growing worse as this campaign season is drawing to a close, so I want to leave off here with something that’s uplifting, and can help take our minds of the verbal carnage taking place on the cable tv ‘news’ stations, and radio talkshows:

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS–too much!     

   This is a great one, too, and the one I sang for a talent contest in Intermediate school, at Oak Grove, when the original girl couldn’t be there, and they needed someone quickly to fill in for her.  My girlfriends and I had just been singing this song, “Michael Row The Boat Ashore” while camping out one night during the summer.  So, when they couldn’t find anyone else to help out, I volunteered.  We had no time to practice anything before we had to get up on stage, and the other girl was playing a Ukulele[!], and I did the singing–it was fun, but somewhat nerve wracking and embarrassing, but we did our best! 🙂 

This is my favorite version of this song, and it’s from the movie, “Paint Your Wagon”–I love this song, too:

{It looks as though the Sun Squad likes that song, too. 🙂 }


This is a real treat for me–I’d forgotten just how much I love folk songs, and the Kingston Trio, and the Christy Minstrels, and other groups like them from back in the early 1960’s!  This a long compilation of the very best songs:

   “Blue On Blue” is one I’ve always loved, as well:


“..and I still can see blue velvet through my tears…woe, woe, woe…” 

 This is the song that Bob told me ended up getting Vinton in a bit of a pickle when he was going through Marine Corps boot camp, during the time that Bob was also going through it, although they were not in the same company.  Bob said he heard about what happened to Vinton, and the reason was due to the lyrics that go: “I’m just soldier, a lonely soldier, away from home, through no wish of my own…that’s why I’m lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely–I wish that I could go back home…”  OOPS!  Unfortunately for Vinton he had voluntarily chosen the Marines–he could have gone into the Army instead–but, no!  🙂  

ICS India.svg            ICS Alpha.svg  ICS Mike.svg          ICS Juliet.svg


“You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”
~Mark Twain~


A “White Knight” Production

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