“Help!” Beatles Album…Reverse Speech Expose’ Featuring The Beatles

October 1, 2016

      “Saturday’s child works hard for it’s living…”


I found one–a genuine, real version of “Help!”–at last–and I just hope it lasts, and someone doesn’t come along and take it off of YouTube again!!!…[P.S. they are standing in the wrong configuration…it should be George, Ringo, John then Paul…just like on their movie poster.]

   [You’re not going to believe this but I goofed it up again–this is not the original “Help!” album as I’d thought–someone seems to have taken down every copy off of YouTube, and the one I’ve posted above seems to be merely a compilation of their ‘Greatest Hits’–I’ll keep checking back on YouTube, in the future, to see if anyone will be allowed to post the album again–the original one, not some updated copy containing Paul’s stand-in!] 

   That [above] is the Beatles’ movie poster for the movie, “Help!”–it differs from the one on the album cover–they are standing in a configuration on that poster that makes those semaphore flag formations they are demonstrating make some sense when they are deciphered, as I did in another blog entry a few weeks back.  I realize now that some people believe what they are showing us are stances connected to the freemasons/illumintedones/newworldorder–however, when the semaphore flag configurations, coupled with the corresponding International Flag signals, are compared to their stance order off of the movie poster, it does spell out something I think is extremely important, and I only wish we’d all noticed it far sooner than this!   Because, this is what it conveys:

George: [R] Romeo[!]

Ringo: Annul/Cancel[!] [Semaphore Flag Warning]

John: [U]You are running into danger!

Paul: [J] Juliet, I am on fire…keep well clear of me!

Pardon me if I might sound a bit maudlin here, but, personally, I think the boys knew exactly what they would be saying with those semaphore flag stances–in my opinion it was no accident–that’s why their positions were changed from the poster to the ones on the album–I’m so glad I came across that movie poster online!

  This is why so many of us are working so very hard to expose what’s gone on, and are trying to get to the bottom of what really happened to our beloved J. Paul McC.!…

                {I’m including [below] this cover version of Paul McCartney’s love song about a girl he’d just met and fallen in love with in 1965.  This band, called “Across the Universe”, [I think!] does a good job with this beautiful song about the mysterious young woman with whom he had obviously fallen in love, but the version by Paul, himself, on the album [above] is the best of all, because it’s the author singing it from his own heart.}


      Even though I finally found at least two channels on YouTube that do have the entire album, “Help!”, many of the videos containing that particular Beatles album  include all songs from the original album, “Help!”, except for one–song #9–entitled “It’s Only Love”–it’s claimed that it was mostly written by John, but after listening to it, my best guess would be that the lyrics fit Paul’s life far more than John’s.  I’ve tried to find a single copy of the original song, but all that appears on YouTube are cover copies of it sung by other groups, not the Beatles.  WHY?  I’d love to find the answer to that one, because it’s so very odd.  Besides that, another oddity might be the fact that, on another “Beatles” album, a voice can be heard saying over and over again, “Number 9, Number 9”.  It’s the strangest thing, and no one has been able to figure out why Number 9 is repeated like that.  Yes, when played backwards the words, “I buried Paul” can be heard.   

What is being hidden that might be revealed if we could hear the original recording for ourselves, if anything?!  Now, I’m definitely thinking it’s fact, not ‘if anything’, because not allowing anyone to be able to hear that original recording just smacks of someone trying to hide something serious, and I believe it must be connected with what happened to the real Paul McCartney!  So, “Houston” you definitely do have “a problem”, since there is no way the truth will be allowed to be hidden like this for very long.

     Here is a short video of “funny moments”–take a look at Paul’s goofy expression in that still shot below–he’s so adorable!

    Some of this “reversal”, from “Revolution 9”, contains faked, engineered ‘back masking’, which is trickery, but some of it is real “Reverse speech”, which can’t be duplicated by anyone, and which contains the truth of something that has happened, and seems to contain information that someone is trying to hide.   I now believe what is being hidden in all the gibberish of the ‘back masking’ is a satanic ritual slaying–believe it or not, my dear ‘Ripley’:

            However, I do not believe anyone making that recording suspected that was what would be revealed if the song was played backwards.  So, how could such a thing be revealed in what amounts to truthful “Reverse speech”?  Could it be that God, Himself, wished the truth to be revealed, so chose that particular manner in which to have it revealed against the wills of any and all who might have been involved, or who might hear what happened to someone they cared about, who may have been it’s victim?  I am now thinking that’s the most likely scenario that explains what is heard on that reversal of the original recording.  And, who recorded it in the first place?  Why the Beatles, minus at least one their original members, that’s who. 

        In this next clip demonstration of “Reverse Speech”, from the Beatles’ song, “Let It Be”, the man singing the song is NOT Paul McCartney.  Paul is the one that, as is revealed in the “Reverse speech”, is said to be dead, and the one who is telling us that is the very man who replaced him, and who pretends to be him because he looks similar to Paul, and can mimic Paul’s voice somewhat:

     If Reverse Speech was ever to be admissible in a court of law, I would consider the last few Verses spoken by Willie Campbell/Billie Shears/William Shears Campbell–or whatever that man’s name really is–as a confession.  He either saw what happened to Paul, or he partook in what happened–whatever he did, or however he was involved, during the “Reverse Speech” at the end of that song, he is caught in a confession of his involvement–hopefully, someday, “Reverse Speech” might be considered reliable enough to be used by law enforcement, because, during forward speech a person might go ahead and lie and think they’ll get away with whatever crime they’ve committed, but in “Reverse Speech”, no lying can take place, so the truth is exposed–it is totally amazing!

    This last example of “Reverse Speech”, that I am posting in this entry, is simply amazing.  It is a “Reverse speech” of Paul–the real Paul–singing his song, “Yesterday”.  It demonstrates something I’ve believed for awhile now:  that Paul was an innocent victim of the satanic plans to eliminate him by killing him, and that, inside, in his heart and soul, he was being prepared by the Lord for what was to happen to him.  The words that can be heard within the “Reverse speech” speak directly to that idea:  


      “We know what we are; but know not what we may be.” ~William Shakespeare~


            A “White Christmas Knight” Production

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