Daily Prompt: Realize

via Daily Prompt: Realize

I wonder how many times I’ve reached the point at which I “realize” something significantly new about a subject I’ve heard spoken of  a million times, and about which I thought I knew enough?  Or, a subject that I’ve suddenly  had a genuine ‘epiphany’ over, that I thought I’d figured out, and/or had simply dismissed as having been understood, and I’d placed in my mental dustbin, never to think about it again?

Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be anything worse than coming across someone who has suddenly re-discovered a long-dead subject, so who regales you with their new insights into it.  I know because that regaling individual has so often been myself!  I enjoy learning, and quite often it doesn’t really matter as to the subject.  I simply love learning about anything and everything.  However, that can present me, and those in my life, with a big problem.  I think it’s now called being a ‘noodge’:  That someone who’s all excited about something, big or small, such as 0ver the fact that they never realized just how much of a fun challenge it was to learn to bake yeast breads.  So, now, they think you will enjoy hearing all about the fun they’ve had while finding that out for themselves.  Oh, the joys–oh, the horrors of hearing every detail, vital or insignificant, it matters not!  Yep, that’d be me, alright.  The family ‘noodge’.  Or, is that “noudge”?  [No matter.  Spell-check doesn’t approve of either one!]

Yet, that’s exactly what, to me, makes life anything but ever boring.  I keep telling those in my life, when I get the chance, and can find them, that, thanks to the absolute wealth of things to learn about, or to do, in this world, there’s just no reason anyone should ever be bored!  Unfortunately, for me, I think I’m just about the only one who actually believes that. 

Case in point:  While in a Second-hand store one afternoon, I made a bee-line straight for the used books they had placed about 4-5 shelves high.  I love books, so was feverishly looking for a gem I could take home for a song.  As my husband walked by behind me the comment he made to me stopped me in my tracks.  Because, he said, “What do you want with those dead books?!”  What?!  “Dead books?!”, I objected!  Didn’t he realize just how filled with the richness of life were those “dead books” he so rudely dismissed?! 

Ah, well, no he didn’t know.  And, besides that, he didn’t care!  I was totally  incredulous over that, so tried to encourage him by explaining to him how you can learn so much about life  itself even just from reading books.  When that didn’t impress him, I tried explaining how,  if he would simply learn to enjoy reading, then, when his favorite sports team wasn’t playing, or his computer games stopped working properly, he’d never feel bored if he had a book to read!  Nope.  That whole idea died[if you’ll excuse the expression]in it’s infancy, unfortunately! 

Even to this day, when I think back on his complete lack of interest in following Auntie Mame Dennis’ encouragement to “Live! Live! Live!”, even if that included reading about life in a book if going on Safari wasn’t immediately possible, I just have to shake my head, and heave a sigh of  resignation.  What a shame! I think to myself.  What a waste! 

Fortunately for me, though, I love to read, and I love those poor, “dead” books!  I’ve also always wanted my very own library, but thought that, between the cost of the book shelves, and the books, that idea would have to wait until I was independently wealthy.  That is, until I discovered two things: Thrift Books online, and Walmart!  Thrift Books had just about any book someone could ever want, plus they also offered free shipping!  And, Walmart had inexpensive book cases, the do-it-yourself, “Nordic Surprise” kind, that you had to put together yourself, but I could afford them!

So, after about 5 years of buying, then building 7 book cases, and after shopping for books to fill them at Thrift Books, I now have a small library area in my own home to be thrilled over!  Plus, I now have enough “dead books” to keep me happily reading, and learning to my heart’s content, probably for the rest of my natural days.  After all, at Thrift Books, I had the world to choose from, and no book was over $5.  That’s why so many of my new book shelves are filled to over flowing, and make me smile so often as I walk by them.  It’s like a dream-come-true to me!  Now, all I need to do is find the time to actually be able to settle down in a comfy wingback near the fireplace, so I can read them!  Ahh, someday soon, I’m sure!

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