“The Man Who Was Pure Gold” {BloodSweat&Tears cover Paul McCartney’s song, “Got To Get You Into My Life”}

October 15, 2016 {edited by me on 3/21/17}

    “Saturday’s child works hard for it’s living…”   Free Clipart: Dollhouse illustration | People

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Free Clipart: Architetto -- Gatto 04 | Animals  Here’s a recording [below] of the Beatles singing–or, rather of Paul singing–a song that they never actually recorded and released themselves–I like it, but this version is one in which someone took two practice versions by them, and spliced them together to make one decent recording of it.

Free Clipart: Ballet dancer | People | laobc

       Free Clipart: Information libre (Free Information) | Objects        I know some might think I’m making way too much out of the Beatles prior to 1967, however, I think not!  After all, August of 1966 is the very last time anyone ever saw Paul McCartney–the original man–alive anywhere on earth–expect maybe for those “…what did ’em in!” on September 11, 1966, in a satanic ritual slaying.  Hey, they had to fill their quota of dead people, and doing so on a date that the satanists believe Christ was actually born, they could do an “In your face, Lord!” insult at Him, thus killing “Two birds with one stone”, as they say. 

     What?  Too “out there”?  Too controversial?  Too bold–too goofy–to be real?  Well, just pick up your morning newspaper tomorrow morning, and read what’s taking place in this world right now–then, tell me the idea is all that goofy!  Not when we have criminals running our own govt., free as birds, as John Lennon’s song speaks about–while good people are ending up pushing up daisies when those same criminals are confronted with their crimes.  Tisk, tisk–do some HOMEWORK, and it won’t take you long to see for yourself what’swhat–what’s taking place right under our noses!  But, you’d better hold yours once you start that investigation, because what is going on really STINKS, worse than Pepe La Pew–PU!    Free Clipart: Skunk silhouette | dear_theophilus

{Hmmm–wouldn’t want to run into that little guy on a dark, country road!}

   Free Clipart: Architetto -- Gatto 04 | Animals  Here is a video clip of Paul actually singing one of the songs I love the most–it’s called “I’ve Just Seen A Face”–here it is!

        Free Clipart: Presentation icon (female) | People | ousia “Surely, if the claims that Paul was ‘disappeared’, then replaced with a look-a-like, were really true, people would have noticed!”, you say?  Well, fortunately, they did.  However, the switch was so amazing, the LIE so HUGE, that most people simply refused to even consider it as possible–after all, they’d surmise, there’s Paul McCartney right there–he’s still alive!  Ummm, no, and that isn’t Paul, as even a cursory investigation should show anyone with any decent amount of visual acuity![who can see at all 🙂 ]  

Therefore, due to the severity of this subject, I’ll press onward [nothing like a little bit more drama, eh?]

     Free Clipart: Penguin from the Alps | Animals   Because I love this video of Paul singing this particular song, I have included two videos of him singing it, [the second of which can be found near the bottom of this blog entry]  The Beatles were performing at the Empire Pool in 1965, in London:

This next video contains a song written by Paul McC., but performed by, of all people, “Blood Sweat & Tears”–not bad, but not Paul!  Here it is:

I wish I could find a copy of Paul actually singing his song, “Got To Get You Into My Life”, but I’ll keep looking, and place it in this blog entry if I do find one.  Until then, we are left with having to listen to the rendition performed by ‘F’aul, who is the man who claims to have signed an open-ended contract to ‘play’ Paul–earning money off of Paul’s good name, robbing Paul’s family of their rightful claims to any income earned from his name–but, I digress–here is ‘F’aul’s version–and, don’t believe the guy if you come across his quote about the ‘real’ meaning behind this song, because he claims ‘he’ wrote it about ‘Mary Jane’–marijuana–believe it or not!  

             Free Clipart: Hip Hop dude | Music | shokunin        So, take it away, ‘F’aul………..

      Free Clipart: Books 2    {P.S.–I found out recently that the current guy playing the part of Paul McCartney, not so affectionately known as ‘F’aul by George Harrison, has been putting out the idea that , that song, “Got To Get You Into My Life” was written about marijuana–lying through his teeth is nothing new to ‘F’aul though, since he signed a contract about 50 years ago now, to ‘play the part’ of Paul–that’s about as incredible as it gets, but the guy has been in the business of doing what the real Paul McCartney refused to do, which was the reason they killed him–promoting drug usage–loving marijuana so much, is ‘F’aul’s message, that he just had to write a song all about it–the old liar!  Nope–the song was originally written by the real Paul, about a real girl–‘F’aul is lying in order to continue to promote drug usage–hey, that’s where it’s ‘at’ for the nwo–money, money, money, and worse–blood money.}

   Free Clipart: Iris | Flowers | missiridia  Alright!  Look what I came across–it’s a recording session they did of the song, “That Means Allot”–apparently, there was this little problem, and things didn’t go quite as well as they…well, take a listen–it’s really cute:

       Free Clipart: Iris | Flowers | missiridia {Watch Paul–he really moves to the beat of the music–so amazing!}

    Free Clipart: Original Aiflowers 273 | Flowers | aiflowers    Here is the second version of Paul singing, “She’s A Woman”, at the Empire Pool in London, 1965:

    Free Clipart: Mike the Mic String Telephone | Music   I want to include this video that features Mark Devlin, speaking on the music industry, and their involvement in social engineering through the use of music–it does involved what happened to and with the Beatles, and especially Paul and John:

Free Clipart: Simple radio | Music | rg1024        News! [Someone removed the video of their last concert at Candlestick, claiming copyright infringement, but that’s what’s been happening with ALL videos containing the real Paul McCartney, as though someone is trying to hide his real image from the public, and even erase all traces of his own voice, by re-mastering all the original songs containing Paul’s real voice–it’s horrible what’s going on!!!!!  His murderers are trying mightily to erase all traces of Paul as he really was before his ‘disappearance’ in September of 1966!!!]  

      Here’s what I said about the video before it was removed:  

“Here we have them at their very last concert ever, at Candlestick Park, San Francisco, on August 29, 1966.  Paul is again singing, “She’s a Woman”, but notice the absolute mayhem taking place all around their stage, shown in the still shots taken while they were performing.  It’s incredible!  Some people think that Paul was already dead when the Beatles performed at Candlestick, but I disagree 100%.  You can clearly see him in a few of those still pictures.  It’s also him singing that song, no question about it.  No, I think they waited until the Beatles returned to England before ambushing him, then killing him. The nwo occult adhering satanists apparently had plotted to do that to Paul for a very long time.

     “When some guy broke into George Harrison’s compound, against all odds due to the extreme security he had there, the man was holding a stone dagger, or sword, that he’d taken down off the statue of St. George that Harrison had on his property.  When George asked the guy who he was, the guy replied, “You KNOW!”, as he menaced George with the sword and a knife.  Harrison later said that seeing the man standing there holding that stone sword and the knife, brought back “memories” of something that had happened earlier in his life.  What, pray tell, could that have been, George?!  Another time someone menaced someone you knew with a stone sword and a knife, or a gun?  And, what victim would that have been, George?  Paul, perhaps?  That’d be my first guess!”

In the song, written and sung by Terry Knight, after he’d flown to England to see Paul McCartney on business and had realized the truth, that Paul was definitely not the man they were claiming was Paul, I believe there are extremely vital clues that Knight tried to convey as best he could within the song, and it’s background vocals/noises, that MacLen music had tried to get him to remove.  The song is one that, eventually, I fully believe was the reason behind why Knight was stabbed to death on November 1, 2004, after a reporter began trying to get him to talk about the song, and getting him to talk about what he was trying to tell us all by it.  

       The version in the video [below] is of the original song, that was released prior to MacLen music getting him to shorten it by removing the last minute or so of it, due to what he had placed, as clues, in the background of the song.  Personally, I’m convinced as of now, that Knight was saying, “Obadiah D”, with Obadiah being the biblical book of Obadiah, and with “D” pointing to it’s 4th verse, since “D” is the 4th letter of the English alphabet, and the book of Obadiah has only one chapter:

              “Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle,
and though thou set thy nest among the stars,
thence will I bring thee down, saith the Lord.” [Obadiah, 4th verse}

Maybe Knight chose that verse due to it being a warning from the Almighty to satan, that, no matter where he might go to hide from Him, God would go and get him and bring him back to face ‘the music’, so to speak.  I  know there are those who try and downplay everything surrounding what took place in 1966, and even claim Knight himself started the ‘Paul is Dead’ backwards playing of the records in order to drum up sales, but that’s a load of nonsense, which becomes readily apparent when this subject is looked into more closely.  However, even if Knight did try and get people to realize that they really had killed and replaced Paul with a double, he wouldn’t have been lying about it, because Paul had been killed, and not in some car accident, either.  Terry Knight, I believe, knew the truth, but also must have known that, because he knew the truth, he, too, was in danger.  Here is Terry Knight singing his song about, and to, Paul:                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Free Clipart: Musical 5 | Music | andinuryadin                                            

             Alrighty–to wrap this entry up, I am posting a video called, “The Winged Beatle”, and it’s a sort of expose of what went on and about the ‘rumors’ of Paul’s death, and how they began, etc.  I haven’t yet watched it all, but I’m looking forward to doing that soon.  Since it’s now here on my own blog, I won’t need to track it down over on YouTube, either–nice!  Also, it comes highly recommended by some of those who have been investigating this so-called ‘rumor’ about Paul for a very long time now.  [That man you see pictured below, in the still from the video, is NOT James Paul McCartney.  It’s Willie Campbell, aka ETC.!]

Free Clipart: Unhappy Eighth Note | Objects


Free Clipart: A dog and a cat with an umbrella | Animals                   “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
~Dr. Seuss~

    Free Clipart: Morning glory | Flowers    “For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.” ~Ivan Panin~
  Free Clipart: Eiffel Tower | Buildings | BenBois                                      Free Clipart: Kids at theme park | Nature | ryanlerch    Free Clipart: Walking dog | Animals

A “White Knight” Production

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