“Oh…You’re The Prettiest Thing I’ve Ever Seen…”

October 17, 2016

    “Monday’s child is fair of face…”

     Wanted to go light-hearted this morning.  This is one of the cutest videos I’ve seen yet.  And, a very fitting tribute to Paul, who really was one of the few, true “Les Adorables” in this world, both inside and out. 

   That song, in the above video, was sung by a woman.  However, I noticed that there are some people who are determined to slander/libel Paul McCartney and John Lennon by making it seem they were both lovers, with each other, in videos they’ve cobbled together using old footage of them both at concerts, etc.–and, that’s a crying shame.  I guess, if you truly have this inner desire to destroy someone, just wait until their dead, then go at it. After all, they can’t come to their own defense after that, can they?  



   This song is now one of my all-time favorites the Beatles did, when they first started out–it’s terrific!

   In this video, below, are stills of the 4 Beatles, and most are authentic–but, the last few contain shots of the man whom George Harrison used to refer to as ‘f’aul, or “Faux Paul/Fake Paul, who is posing as Paul, and in the photo in which it appears that Paul and John are blatantly showing two occult hand signs, [the “OK” sign, and the “devil’s horns” sign] that’s not Paul, but ‘f’aul, the person collared to pose as being Paul after the end of 1966, and who wrote a book entitled, “The Memoires of Billy Shears”, in which he describes how he signed a contract with the occult-moguls who try and run this world and the music industry, to play the part of Paul in perpetuity I guess.  

      In “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album, that man is referred to as “Billy Shears”.  And, apparently, his favorite breed of dog is–the Old English Sheep dog   .  Go figure.   Perfect for someone who has, among their varied goals, the desire to ‘fleece the sheeple’.  By ‘fleece’ I’m not just referring to bilking them out of their hard-earned money, either.  But, the question is why?  

     Why do away with the most lucrative member of the most popular rock n roll band, the one member who actually made them the most money, thanks to so many girls being madly in love with him?  Well, that’s actually a fairly  easily answered question once the background of what was taking place behind the scenes is known.

      It does not have to do with “drugs”.  

                Nothing to do with Paul McCartney asking for more $$money$$, and higher billing, or more credit where the song credits are concerned.  It doesn’t have to do with McCartney becoming tired of the limelight, so wishing to disappear into obscurity, the going to work as the caretaker of his boyhood home, as some believe:  

               All while allowing a substitute to take his place in the public eye, giving up his good name, and every single dime earned on the back of that good name afterwards?!  That’s completely absurd!



                 Nope.  There is not one single, commonly thought up idea anyone might come up with that would help explain what actually was going on, and why we are now subjected to, and have been for the last 50 YEARS,  a substitute posing as Paul, yet who barely looked like him to begin with, and who now looks nothing like he would look at age 74, let alone 5 years older, which it’s thought that is closer to the current impostor’s true age.

      However, once you are told the truth as to what was really going on, if you genuinely want more  truth you will keep digging into this subject to find more that will help round out the entire picture.  If you’re like far too many people, though, you will just call it all ‘ridiculous’, and remain closed-minded to it, dismissing it all as just so much rubbish.  

      That’s why this has stayed buried for these last 50 years.  Isn’t it nice, though, that there were at least some people who loved a mystery, and loved attempting to solve it, and that who also loved Paul McCartney, that have managed to keep at least one foot in the door on it, so that it didn’t disappear altogether?  While also continuing to dig for more of the truth as time went on, never giving up just because most people thought the whole idea was preposterous.  

   Someone mentioned recently that “Dead men tell no tales” , but that has always been wrong.  Dead men DO tell tales, and all it takes is someone who is willing to stop and listen to those “tales”, to begin hearing exactly what those “Dead men” are really saying.

 Care to join in?

   Really?  Great!  Then, your first reading assignment as we begin the journey to the heart of this matter, is to take out your copy of the     Holy Bible, and begin by reading Genesis chapter 2, outlining the main ideas, and making note of the theme, as well as the protagonist, and the antagonist.  Make special note as to exactly what happened due to the actions of all parties involved.  

     The reason is this:  one of those main characters is still working to undermine everything decent…and I mean everything…that God views as ‘good’ in His creation.  To finally end up discovering what’s going on, though, you need to begin at the beginning.  No good jumping in at the middle, leaving the most vital information out.  You’ll never be capable of figuring it all out if you do.

  He who has imagination without learning, has wings and no feet.”
Joseph Joubert


A “White Christmas Knight” Production

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