Miracle: “Let It Be”

October 23, 2016

“Sunday’s child: The child that is born on the Sabbath Day is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.”   


     “Cancel/Annul”      !     !!!

George: Romeo!

Ringo:  Cancel [your plans]!

John: You’re running into danger!

  Paul: Juliet…I am on fire…Keep well clear of me!    


      Something happen tonight as I was continuing my research into the goings on with the Beatles prior to 1967.  I’d call it a miracle.  It happened as I was looking at photos of John  Lennon and his first wife, Cynthia.  I saw some photos of the two of them with Paul “Billy Shears/Willie Campbell” McCartney, and the real Paul’s old girlfriend, Jane Asher, and I realized something vital–John of course knew who “Willie” was, but that’s when it hit me–so did his wife, Cynthia–she HAD to know the man posing as Paul was an impostor, because she knew Paul from years earlier when she was dating, then married to, John!  Yet, there she stood next to the guy, smiling as though nothing in the world was wrong!

    As I let that sink in, I suddenly felt completely overwhelmed at the enormity of the crime, and fraud that had been perpetrated on all of us, mainly starting with Paul’s ‘replacement’ in September of 1966–on September 11, 1966, to be exact–you see, satanists/luciferians follow satan of course, and they believe him to be the Almighty God, and believe the real God Almighty is actually the ‘evil one’.  Therefore, everything he has those people do for him here on earth, they try to tell themselves is for a good purpose–including sacrificing other people to him, in a very sick ritual.  

      That’s what we believe occurred in Paul’s case, and they had planned to offer him up to satan during the sacrifice on the day that satan has told them that the Lord Jesus was actually born–on September 11 [probably in 3 B.C.][If that’s the date on which Jesus was actually born, then that would make His conception to be around the end of December–maybe even December 25th?!]  The demonic fallen angels who are with satan, they derive some kind of perverse spiritual strength from generating fear in us, as well as from spilling human blood, [which is probably partly why the Lord Jesus told us not to be afraid, or to fear anything except for running afoul of our heavenly Father through sinning and not repenting of it]–so, the fallen ones seem to have decided one of their victims, who was extremely important to them as a sacrifice, had to be Paul.  The reason behind why it had to be him is something I learned about recently.  It had to do with the fact that he was so beloved by so many young women and girls, who wanted badly to–[can I say this without blushing?!]–have his babies! 

   The reasons behind why someone like Paul would be sought out to satisfy the devil’s blood lust, in the way it must have happened, are things I didn’t bother to try and memorize, since they are purely evil.  Just realize how many human beings have met that fate since the fall of man in the garden of Eden, though–millions–think of the Aztecs, and other bloody tribes that lived in Mexico, Central and South America–they built those huge pyramid-shaped edifices for just such a thing, with their victims meeting their fate at the top, as the chief priest would plunge in a knife, and take out their hearts while they were still beating!  That’s been recorded in history, so we can read about it, and shudder to think of it!  

    Yet, a group of us have found out that satanists of today continue that same type of human sacrifice, believe it or not.  However, it’s no longer performed in the open for all of society to see, as in the days of old with the Aztecs, etc.  No, this is done in a hidden place of some kind, out of our sight!  So, Paul was not simply murdered by some ordinary, everyday thug as he walked along the city streets–oh, no!  Apparently, from all that I’ve managed to learn of things, his death was brutal, cruel, and horrible!  You don’t need to simply take my word for it, though, since research done on this can be found on the internet, and I have a link to a blog on the subject, as well:

http://plasticmacca.blogspot.com/    [It’s a great place to begin the research into this.  It’s called “Plastic Macca” because Macca is the nickname given to Paul by his fellow countrymen, and Plastic is because the man claiming to be Paul these days is an impostor, hence “Plastic Macca”]

 Here’s an example of that, and their brotherly closeness, in this video clip of their London concert in 1965:

          I honestly now believe that God, in His wisdom, was leading Paul into belief in Himself for about a year prior to his death, and gave him a premonition that he could have discerned spiritually, in his heart, at first, that shocked everyone’s socks off when they heard what all that warning for his spirit had entailed, mine included!  But, God didn’t simply get Paul’s attention then by telling him directly, of what was going to happen–instead, He did what He does with most of us–He began to speak to Paul’s HEART, and you can see the beginnings of that in the backstory surrounding how Paul came to write his beautiful song, “Yesterday”.  He received the music to the song in a dream, and he told that to everyone, and his account of that can be found on the net.

     He said he never felt right in saying that he’d written it, himself, because it came to him in a dream, but he was very grateful for it, and very glad to have it!  However, it’s when the song is played backwards, so that, what is hidden within words sung by Paul, during what is called “Reverse Speech”, can be heard, that it becomes clear as to what was taking place in his life, and what was about to happen to him.   I don’t think he knew, consciously, what was actually going on inside of his heart, as God began calling him to faith in Himself, but it was beginning to be seen in the Reverse Speech, beginning with the Reverse Speech of Paul’s in his song, “Yesterday”.

     If I can find the video recording in which Paul’s children’s song, “Yellow Submarine”, is played backwards, I’ll post it in a blog entry, you can hear the actual, but so horrible, details of what happened, basically, to him during what can only be described as a horrible frenzy of hatred, viciousness and ugliness–you can’t hear anything of it when the song is played forwards.  It only comes out when the song is reversed, but Paul would never have known it was there, unless someone played the song backwards for him, because it can only be one thing–prophetic in nature, since none of it had happened as yet when Paul recorded the song.  I know that sounds far out and impossible, but once you hear it, and if you begin looking into this subject in some amount of depth, you will think otherwise, trust me.   He was also betrayed by someone he trusted–that’s how they got their hands on him in the end.  John knew about it, so did George, and probably Ringo, but later, they, too, would meet with ‘bad ends’, however not as horribly as Paul did, I don’t believe–although, the guy posing as Ringo these days, might know what happened to the real Ringo, and how he might have met his death.

     I’m now thinking perhaps Ringo’s death may have been about as terrible as Paul’s had been[!]. Woe, woe, woe!  It’s all so very sad, and heartbreaking!  But, they had no idea what awaited them in the near future, once they agreed to sign music contracts, so they could begin their world-spanning careers as The Beatles.  You can see just how happy they all had been if you watch early videos of the 4 of them on tours, and in interviews–they were young, talented, acted as close as genuine brothers, and were obviously very glad to be able to do what they were doing.  

  However, I told you that something happened tonight that I consider miraculous, so I’ll explain.  As I was gazing at those photos of the Lennon’s with “fake Paul”[the one whom George Harrison called “Faul”, or “William” at times], suddenly the gravity of the entire subject hit me like a ton of bricks out of the blue!  I suddenly realized just how expansive the whole subject was, and how many people have been involved in it over the years, and how many have kept it a deep, dark secret–and, probably how many people have ended up pushing up daisies, along with the Beatles, by learning of those secrets, then trying to reveal them to the world!  

   Right about then is when I believe God helped me to understand that I needed to let this subject go, and move on.  As I realized that, suddenly, one of the songs I HATE most in this world, began running through my mind–and, it was then that I realized the truth of what had just been going through my mind about it–it was that horrible song, “Let It Be!”.  I can assure you that the real Paul McCartney did not write any of that song–the impostor wrote it–I’m not sure he didn’t write it as a sort of way to easy his guilt-ridden conscience after taking over where Paul had been before him–or if, as a true satanist himself, he didn’t write it as a way to mock us, mock the Lord[by the reference to “Mother Mary”], and mock poor Paul–because, the devil would have written it to mock everyone, especially the Lord!  Either way, the song gives me nightmares while I’m still awake, and it always has, since I first heard the thing while up in Seattle that summer of 1967, on the trip I took with my great friend, Anitta.  While we were both staying with her sister during that June, the kids in the neighborhood got the new ‘Beatles’ album, “Sgt. Pepper’s…”, and we must have played that thing until the grooves wore out on the record!  But, that’s when I realized just how much I HATED that ‘new sound’ the Beatles had created in that album–and, how much I didn’t like them any longer, thanks to the drugs they’d gotten involved with–to me, it had ruined them, period!  

   So, that’s the very song that the Lord chose to help warn me to stop investigating what had taken place–that song, along with a healthy amount of internal pressure by way of a feeling of terror at the thought of continuing on with investigating it–are what did it for me!  Believe me, if and when the Lord doesn’t wish you to continue doing something, He can, and sometimes does, let you know about it in no uncertain terms–that’s what I consider as having happened tonight–a warning to just “Let It Be!”  The reasons are probably more than just the ones that occurred to me immediately as the warning came, though, but the most important reason might be for my continued health, if you can guess what that might mean–looking into murderous dealings, and goings-on can become dangerous if the truth begins to be uncovered, thus threatening those, or the one, behind it all.  And, that song, plus the realization of just how dangerous it could be, are what God used to get through to me just a short while ago, while looking at those photos online.  The feeling was overwhelming, and the knowledge of the dangers involved were more vivid than they’d ever been before.  So, I ‘got it’, immediately, since the whole vista concerning the size of this scenario involving a satanic version of “Murder, Inc.” nearly overwhelmed my mind as I began to envision it all far more clearly!

  So, it might make me very sad, but I know when to quit, and now is the time–this subject is in God’s very capable hands at this point, so far as my involvement is concerned, and He will take care of it.  He told us, in His written word, that “Vengeance is mine, I will repay….”[Romans 12;19 AKJV], and with that said, I will take my leave of the subject of who killed beloved Paul, and why–however, I will NOT stop posting, and watching, every single video that he’s in, that I can find on YouTube, or anywhere else on the net!  

     My husband, when I first met him, resembled Paul, with his very dark hair, and eyes, even though Bob is Italian without a drop of any other nationality in his blood[ 😀 ], and Paul McCartney is Irish, or an Irish mixture, maybe with some Scottish thrown in, and English, too.  So seeing pictures of Paul just reminds me of when Bob and I were both young!  Bob actually looked more like a combination of Paul Peterson, [Jeff Stone, from the Donna Reed show], and Walter Koenig [Chekov, from Star Trek]–so, looking at Paul M. is sort of like looking at old family photos in a way.   

     {As you watch this video containing that awful song, “Let It Be!”[below], turn down your volume, and just read the lyrics as they appear on the screen.  The man was actually telling us something of what went on, believe it or not–I have no idea as to ‘F’aul’s motives for writing those lyrics, though, just that, I can’t help believing that, if we’d all been sharper back then, when the real Beatles had written “Help!”, then stood in those Semaphore flag poses on that movie poster, we’d have realized that they were in real trouble, but couldn’t come right out and tell us all, because of being in mortal danger–of that I’m now certain, and I will take that ‘to the bank’, any day of the week!  Most of the pictures in the beginning of the song are of the real Paul–they change to the impostor near the end–see what he was saying to us by doing it that way?  Paul in the beginning, the impostor at the end–very clever fellow, wasn’t/isn’t he?  Yeah, he’s still being so clever because he’s still around, and still claiming to be Paul!}




                                                                                                                                                                                “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…I could walk through my garden forever.”  

    ~~Alfred Lord Tennyson~~   

                                                                             “Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.”                                              ~Nicole Krauss~      

  “For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person. And we are finally home.”  ~Stephanie Perkins~



A “White Knight” Production






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