The Beatles: On The Way UP! An Anthology…

October 24, 2016

“Monday’s child is fair of face…”  



    I’m sure that those who are my age probably loved the Beatles as teens.  However, way back then, getting to see them perform was something rare.  I remember listening to them on the radio all the time, then receiving one of their albums–the one that featured just their faces, with one side darkened, demonstrating who was actually behind that design–occult adherents looking forward to the day when their version of Jesus rules the world–then, I was able to go the Enean theater there in my hometown, Concord, Ca., to see their first movie, “A Hard Day’s Night”.  After that, I don’t remember ever getting to see them again.  I know they appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, and also on Shindig.  As a young teen I never watched those shows.  I never even watched American Bandstand, or Hullabaloo either.  They made my eyes glaze over, and made me yawn–I was a terrible teen–out of step all the time[!].

      So, each and every video that I’ve managed to place in my blog entries were brand new to me.  I had never ever gotten to see all 4 Beatles perform like they did in those videos, so it was exciting to me!  And, such fun!  I’ve been over-dosing on those videos lately, I’ve watched so many of them!  But, it’s been a regular labor of love for me, and I’ve totally enjoyed every minute of it!  Then, I realized something–not only had I not been able to see them much at all during the time they first became popular, but I hadn’t heard most of their music, nor did I actually know anything much about them as individuals, and I knew next to nothing as to how they got their start!  

   So, I was very happy to literally stumble across this video on YouTube that says it’s an anthology on how they got their start.  I began watching it, and it’s a great video, so knew I needed to start another blog entry and include it, and include any other videos I can find that speak of their lives, as well as any videos that contain any other information about them as a group, and as individuals.  This first video actually impressed me, since it includes comments by the Beatles themselves[minus Paul–we get ‘F’aul instead], and by their first drummer, Pete Best.  It’s a lot of fun to watch, too!


   After seeing what they had to go through to become that “over-night” success everyone seems to think they were, I have to admire them greatly.  It could never have been easy to have to play on stage for 7 hours a day, nearly every day, if not every day, for longer than I ever thought they had to do, while living in Hamburg, Germany.  It must have been very tough on them, but they persevered, and all their hard work finally paid off big.  Or, at least, up until 1966 it did.  In the earlier videos of them after they became extremely popular, to put it mildly, you can see how happy they all were during that time period, and how close they had become, like brothers, after going through what they had over the previous years.

 I promised I’d not speak about what I believe happened in 1966, that changed everything for them all forever, so mumstheword on that.  It’s just fun to watch these types of videos, such as the one posted below, when they had finally honed their talents to the point at which they stunned their audience back in England when they took the stage at the Cavern club, because they had become soooo good!  So, this next video is one of my favorites.  It contains 2 versions of the same performance at the Cavern club.  I love watching Paul.  He was so amazing–and, so cute, the way he kept time with the beat.  He seemed to literally pulsate to the beat, and it’s just adorable![Ok, so I’m 14 all over again just watching him!] 


   This next video contains their last performance in Hamburg, Germany.  It’s all  audio, but it’s fun just hearing how they sounded back then, before they became so famous.  Playing in that nightclub must have been brutal, though!  


   This last video I’m placing on here is a compilation of many songs that both Lennon and McCartney sang, but I guess they were never actually released, or at least I think that’s what ‘secret songs’ means!  Anyway, they’re very nice to listen to, even if there isn’t any video, just audio on this one as well.  At least someone took the time to compile them all into one album, to preserve them. 



  I hope you enjoyed watching and listening to those videos of the Beatles, their early career and their music. 

   “The unexamined life is not worth living.”



A “White Knight” Production


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