The Link Between JFK’s Fate & This Election

November 2, 2016

“Wednesday’s child is full of woe…”           



  JFK was not a perfect person, just like the rest of us are not.  However, once he became president something seemed to happen within him, that led to him challenging the secretive societies that try and rule this world.  He loved this country, and took the office of our president very seriously.  That’s why, when he realized the extent of the corruption within our govt., and how it desperately needed to be stopped before it ended with the deaths of this country, along with it’s citizenry, he decided to begin speaking out against it.  The last time he did so was only 7 days before his assassination.  

     Some people are certain that his exposing the evil and corruption going on out of sight of the majority of Americans is what led to his death that day in Dallas.  I tend to agree with that idea.  You need to hear what he said against those who wish for, and are working feverishly in secret to bring about, our wholesale deaths at their hands, before you can understand what happened to him that awful day in November of 1963.  ‘Lone gunmen’, who go around killing politicians, and public figures, are more of a myth than anything else.  Instead, in so very many cases, more than one gunman is reported to be involved in the shooting[s] to begin with, only to have that idea buried, with cooperation of/from–the “MainStream” shills, or media [take your pick]–and the silly lie, that there really was only one ‘lone shooter’, is proffered up to the public, instead.

   I don’t know if the movie, “JFK” by Oliver Stone was based on the same book that Paul McCartney read shortly before September 1966, but he did read a book on the subject, that he received from it’s author.  Once he read it, he called the author and said, “He couldn’t have done it, could he?”  The author asked him “Who couldn’t do what?”, after not recognizing Paul’s voice over the phone.  Paul immediately apologized for not telling him who he was, and that he’d finished the book and realized that Oswald could not have killed the president.  

    After their phone conversation, Paul met with the author for over 2 hours in a local restaurant, to discuss it all.  At some point, Paul told the author that, if his book was to be made into a movie, that he’d like to compose the movie’s score. That meeting between the book’s author and Paul took place very shortly before I am convinced Paul ‘went missing’ in September, 1966.  Then, the double, who’d been groomed to fill Paul’s place in the Beatles group for quite some time, was sent in to pretend to be Paul, wearing a mustache to hide the differences between his own face and Paul’s.  [Forensically, that has been shown to be the case.]  The other members of the group knew that man was not Paul, and knew what had happened to Paul, but they didn’t know what they could do without jeopardizing their own lives.  So, they tried to continue on as though the impostor was actually Paul.  It didn’t work.  John finally couldn’t take it any longer, and he quit.  The rest followed suit.


  However, Paul’s interest in the JFK assassination was only one of several reasons that those in charge ‘of everything’ in this world [or rather, who believe themselves to be in charge], had made plans to ‘replace’ him in the group, but it was just one more on top of all the other ‘reasons’ to rid themselves of Paul.  The same goes for their wish to rid themselves of JFK, RFK, MLK, and anyone else whom they come to deem as being, ‘in their way’.  Paul didn’t want to cooperate with their plans to introduce LSD to the world’s teenagers, coupled with the severe changes they wanted made in the music, to go along with the drug[s].  Their goal of world ‘domination’ might seem a wee bit too large to be taken seriously, and way too large to include the assassination of someone of Paul’s stature, even if he was one of the most beloved, and popular rock n roll singers/songwriters of all time.  

     {Cute, huh?!}   Yet, Paul’s ‘disappearance’ and replacement was only the beginning of a long line of ‘changes’ they’d planned to make just last century, and actually had begun making those kinds of diabolical ‘changes’ all along, over an extremely long, extended period of time, in order to continue moving forwards towards their ultimate goal.  Most of them don’t realize this, but the ‘ultimate goal’ that their ‘leadership’ has probably not told them the truth about, is “Armageddon”.  It’s not world peace, or a world without wars, diseases and poverty.  It’s not a world with a ‘chicken in every pot’, and life on easy street.  No.  Armageddon is the only goal left to those who are behind those ‘secretive societies’ that president Kennedy spoke about, and tried to expose to the world completely.  They are those who killed him, too.  

  This next video [below] is a program done on Mrs. Kennedy back in 2011, and they’ve used her own voice, speaking her own words, taken from about 8 hours worth of recordings she’d made about their lives, only a few short months after her husband’s assassination.  I haven’t had the chance to listen to it all, but from what I did manage to hear I think it’s both very touching, and well worth the time it takes to sit through it all.



   The thing that links both the assassination of JFK, and the disappearance and replacement of Paul McCartney, [just to name a few who’ve either been ‘replaced’, or killed outright], and this election is found in the subject of JFK’s speech in the video I’ve placed in the beginning of this blog post.  He knew.  He warned us.  He was killed.  Along with anyone else who got in the way.  And, now, we are facing the truth of it all once again, with this election.  It may very well be our last election, should way too many of us fail to recognize the very thing responsible for an extreme amount of the ills our country is suffering from right now.  Those ills can be traced back to those who now occupy seats of power in this country, instead of occupying jail cells, where they so richly belong.  

   And, here we all thought Paul had just written a nice, little song to sing with John, George and Ringo.  Nope. He knew some things.  We can wish that he had been able to get out of what they had planned for him, but then, since that didn’t happen, we’d be wasting our time trying.   

Isaiah 57:1,2 AKJV :

The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart:
and merciful men are taken away,
none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come.

He shall enter into peace:
they shall rest in their beds,
each one walking in his uprightness.”


“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”  

  “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”  ~ John Lennon~


      A “White Christmas Knight” Production



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