“The Man Who Would Be Paul…”

November 11, 2016

“Friday’s child is loving and giving…”   

    Here are two interviews with John and Paul in 1966–I’ll post another interview done in 1968, when Paul only appears to still be there–I have to admit that the man in the 3rd interview I’m going to post below the first two on here, contains footage of  whom George Harrison referred to as Faul McCartney–Paul had been gone for a couple of years when this video was made, in 1968, of that I’m now more convinced than ever before–it breaks my heart to realize the truth, and I’d really hoped I’d been wrong about him being dead, but facts are stubborn things, and you can’t change reality just to fit your desired views:

Here is the damning evidence that puts the nail in the coffin of the idea that McCartney was not killed in 1966–since that is not Paul there in 1968, in this interview with Lennon:

This next video interview done with Paul takes place in 1990, and the man IS NOT Paul McCartney, but is an imposter, or a ‘stand-in’, a fake Paul, not the real McCartney–so, I need to tell everyone that I was NOT wrong!  The man is still missing from the videos after September of 1966–he would now be 74 years old, but even age would NOT have changed his face, and voice, so extremely–I’m also going back to relisten to the tapes containing reverse speech evidence that, this man in this video[below] is definitely the imposter who was literally hired to take Paul’s place in late 1966, after Paul was eliminated because he refused to go along with what the satanists who do control the music industry wanted, and he refused to take LSD:

        “…knowing that love is to share…”        

This excerpt is from an article on Paul McCartney, and it’s his response to being asked:

“Is it all worth it in the end?”…

“Paul looked at her very closely and his eyes seemed sadder than Ringo’s and he said, “No it isn’t. I’d pack up today if I could, but it’s gone too far for that. It really hasn’t any sense left to it, and all the fun is missing now. All those bloody people, reporters, fans, they keep me from, well, I don’t know. I s’pose I should be grateful and all that is, but it doesn’t seem to be worth it anymore. You meet the phonies and the pryers, the hip kids who think it’s posh not to like you, the ones that treat you as a curiosity item and the not-so-nice exhibitionists who claim all manner of things – like they were once engaged to you or the like. So we’re forced to limit our friends, to only trust a few, to sit about at home and all when we’re wanting to go to a club or the like. I don’t care for it at all.”

Afterwards, he walks the female interviewer to the door and says this “Good bye Kathie. I hope I meet you again soon cause it’s great to meet any of my friends ever. I wish I could have met you more. Tell your magazine I wish them lucky times and all that. Stay shy, and you won’t get into the trouble I am. Think of me a bit, and if you ever come to London leave your name off at Jennie’s and we shall come to see you.” He scribbled an address of Jane Asher’s on her notebook, kissed her on the cheek and left.”

    That shows that Paul was in trouble, and he knew he was in trouble with those behind the music industry.  My heart broke as I read that, and realized that I wasn’t exaggerating when I said that the Beatles were already in BIG trouble when they made that album, “Help!”, and that I was not wrong to believe that the semaphore stances they took for the cover of the album and the movie poster, were actual cries for help due to that trouble.  One by one, they were killed and replaced–some people think they were all killed at the same time, and impostors set in place, complete with moustaches, beards, and any other phony trappings that they thought would fool the public.  It may have fooled many people, but not those who truly loved those guys and their music.  I was one who, when the impostor made his appearance permanently in Paul’s place, thought that he’d changed so much, due to the drugs, that I couldn’t even understand how I could ever have had a teen aged crush on him!  Many girls, now women, who had crushed on Paul during that same time period, also felt the same way, as I found out recently!  The music after Paul was no longer there, was also hideous, and a total turn-off, as was the fact that, suddenly, the clean-cut Beatles were now druggies, pushing drugs onto teens, through their own usage and seeming promotion of those drugs, such as LSD.  It’s all about as sad as something can get!!  

          Justice for Paul, and John, and George, and Ringo–and, for every other murdered person, who was falsely led into the trap set by those who promise one thing, but never deliver it, and find themselves having been ill-used–but, who also find that, if they try to expose the truth of what’s really taking place, they are murdered…I believe even Pat Tillman was one of those who was killed in order to silence him…justice will arrive, justice will triumph, just wait and see. 

        This is “Rubber Soul”,     , the Beatles album that was released in 1965.  

       “Revolver”      is the last album on which Paul McCartney–the real Paul–can be heard.  Many of us believe that he is never seen again after September 11, 1966, the day of the year on which many occultists believe Jesus of Nazareth was actually born, having been conceived on or around December 25th of the previous year [on the Julian Calendar] approx. 2,000 years ago.

   I know the next photo is a bit disturbing, but I used it to illustrate something: ‘Illegal drugs are NOT your friend!”         {And, for good reasons!}

        “Paul’s face clouded with rage. We were in the kitchen and he pinned me up against the wall, with his left hand above me and his right finger wagging in my face. Then he went nuts.”

     This next excerpt from that same article is very disturbing to me.  It, also, shows that, the brother she thought was really her brother, was actually not Paul, but the fraud whom George Harrison called, “Faul”.  She had been so young when Paul was killed and replaced by this other guy, that she still thought she was dealing with her actual brother!  Check out the way “Faul” treated Paul’s dad, Jim, right before he passed away, and then how “Faul” treated his step-mother and step-sister after Jim McCartney died, and see if you can square such behavior with what is well known about the real Paul, himself:

“Ruth, who has been estranged from Paul for 20 years, said they fell out when Jim was dying. She said: ‘Jim was the only dad I knew. He got rheumatoid arthritis. Paul came over one day and flung open all the windows even though Dad was so frail by then he needed to sit by the fire to ease his pain. He told Dad, ‘Don’t be a cripple, get out of that chair and walk.’

‘Poor old dad had tears plopping down his face, and he said, ‘Back off son, leave me alone.’ It sounds cruel, but I don’t think he meant it to be. Dad got into debt towards the end and Paul bought back the house to allow him to pay his bills. He bought that house twice and, as far as I know, he still owns it.’

McCartney, who had been paying his father £7,000-a-year, cut off all links with Ruth and her mother after Jim’s death. Ruth recalled: ‘Mum and I struggled. At one point I was holding down five jobs, including working as a barmaid and as an office cleaner…”


   That article, whose link is above, claims to quote Paul McCartney’s step-sister, who is speaking about the rages he flew into while taking drugs.  That incident she speaks of took place when she was young and living with Jim McCartney, her step-father, and her mother, in the house that Paul bought and gave to his father.  That photo [above] is of a Paul McCartney imitator, who seems to have signed a contract to ‘play’ the part of Paul McCartney beginning around September of 1966.  Paul’s step-sister, Ruth, was very young when the ‘switch’ was made, so she might not realize that the man who flew into those rages, and abused her as she described, and abused her step-dad that way, then cut her and her mother off without a cent to their name after her step-father died, was NOT the brother whom she was so fond of when her mother first married her step-father.  Yet, not even her own mother told her they were dealing with an abject imposter?  That’s the hardest part of this to imagine, or even understand, for me!

   {S=Save}      {O=Our}   {S=Singers}      {J=Juliet}  

     {R=Romeo}   {Stop! Annul! Cancel!}    {U=You are running into danger!}      {J=Juliet–I am on fire…Keep clear of me!}

Those 4 Beatles, John, Paul, George & Ringo, were in trouble, and were actually saying something via those semaphore flag stances they took for that album, and it’s movie poster.  Someone must have recognized that fact, so on the album cover they’ve switched Paul and Ringo around, so that, when the semaphore signals are read, they don’t seem to make any real sense.  On the movie poster[pictured above], however, their semaphore signals DO make quite a bit of sense when read.

            In this next video, in which a reversal of Paul McCartney’s “Yesterday” is played, and interpreted, at the very end Paul says the words, “Hear the tape”, during the “Reverse Speech”, and he says them very clearly.  I only wish I knew to which tape he was referring–or, rather, that his subconscious, or his soul/spirit, was referring–since it sounded as though he was serious about our hearing it.  Yet, consciously, Paul was unaware of what was being recorded as coming from his own soul/spirit/subconscious while he sang that song.  

     The “Truth Will Out”, is the main explanation for why “Reverse Speech” exists at all.  I agree with that–the truth must be made known to us somehow, [thanks be to God and Christ, amen], and that’s one way of making it known, and now we can find it by reversing audio recordings.

         One other thing, which is something important to keep in mind:  the man who was so enraged with Ruth, Paul’s step-sister,  that time in the kitchen, did something that actually demonstrated which hand he favored, and it wasn’t his left hand.  Paul McCartney was left handed.

   The man on the left in the photos[above] is the real Paul McCartney, Ruthie’s step-brother.  The other two men are imitators/imposters, hired to fill in Paul’s spot in the band, once he was no longer able to do so.   The two fakers wore moustaches to try and disguise their physical differences from Paul, prior to and right after having plastic surgery.  It’s why the other Beatles also began wearing beards and moustaches, so that fake Paul/Faul wouldn’t stand out as the only Beatle to be sporting facial hair.  The man on the far right has been identified as being someone named “Denny Laine”, but the middleman, now there’s a question for you.  

     He could be the man Ruth spoke about, who angrily pinned her to the wall, and wagged his RIGHT index finger in her face, while yelling at her.  Apparently, he was high on some kind of drug[s].  If he’s the one who did that to Ruthie, then his name might be “Billy Shears-the-sheep Shepherd, aka William Shears Campbell/Billy Campbell/Willie Campbell, who wrote a book in which he reveals to the world how he signed a contract to ‘play’ Paul McCartney way back around the time Paul ‘disappeared’ in September of 1966.  

     He claims that he was literally groomed to play the part of Paul McCartney, and signed a contract to do so.  That means that that imposter has masqueraded as Paul for around 50 years, give or take a few years here and there when other fakers, who were hired by the music industry, stood in Paul’s place.  Those imposters earned money on Paul’s reputation, traded on the goodwill earned by Paul himself while he was alive, and lived their lives as though they really were Paul.  In fact, some wag made the comment recently that the imposter known as “Billy Shears Campbell” has been Paul McCartney longer than the real Paul McCartney had been Paul McCartney.

         As though this line from a Shakespearean play were Gospel:

    “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…” {Shakespeare’s play, “As You Like It”,  Act II, Scene VII}

      Be that as it may, murder is still a capital offense, which should be punishable by death, and there are no statutes of limitations on murder, either, so the hunt goes on until justice can be served.  Paul deserves that, and so much more.


    {Until I saw that skit by the Beatles, I never knew Shakespeare could be so adorable–and, so cute!}

    “Control yourself, my son. Your mother isn’t here. Come, my son.  It is Man. He is here again. There are many this time. We’d better go deep into the forest. Hurry! Follow me!”   

   “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”  ~Audrey Hepburn~


A “White Christmas Knight” Production

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