Who Was That “Walrus”, Anyway?

January 5, 2017

“Thursday’s child has far to go…”   



   The link below is to a recording of the Beatles song, “That Means A Lot”–please listen to their version, which they never liked enough to release, but did give to another singer, P.J. Proby–but, PLEASE, listen to their version before you listen to Proby’s–even though they could never make the song sound the way they wanted it to, their version is so “Beatle-esque” that I prefer it over P.J.’s.


{Heavens-to-Murgatroid–I was ‘tricked’!  I believed that the link was to a version of the song, “That Means A Lot”, on which Paul actually sang–when, once I re-listened to it, and after wondering why Paul didn’t sound quite like himself on it, it finally dawned on my pea brain that the recording had been made some time AFTER 1966–which means, the man pretending to be Paul is the one you hear singing it, not Paul!  So, to insure that the version of the song I loved so much is here, to be listened to instead, here is the video I had found awhile back of the Beatles at a recording session in which they struggled to get the song right, but never quite could–on this video you will definitely hear PAUL, not his ‘substitute’!}


   Below is the version of “That Means A Lot”, by P.J. Proby.

   The next video is of a film/video made that tries to show what some people believe really happened to Paul McCartney at the end of his short 24 year life, and why it happened.  No one seems to know how close to the truth that video really comes, but at least it encompasses many of the ideas and rumors that are circling around about what others believe about it.

   What happened to Paul by September of 1966 is one of the more enduring mysteries of all time, and one that has the number of those who’ve finally realized that Paul disappeared by that time, then re-appeared as someone else–or, rather, a substitute for Paul was introduced at that time–and we keep wondering how in the world we somehow missed it all until recently–how could we ever have thought the substitute was actually Paul?!  His music stinks, whereas Paul’s was wonderful.  He may play more instruments than Paul did, but who cares, uh?!!  He ISN’T Paul!  The numbers of those who can see the difference between Paul pre-1966, and the guy who came afterwards, is definitely on the increase.

   The thing that frightens most of us is–what happened to Paul?!  I think we actually realize that he had to have been killed–probably murdered–yet, why?  And, why train up a substitute for him, going to the elaborate lengths that must have taken, not to mention the expense?  Why hide his death?  Why not just make it look like he’d had a accident?    {Is that a real road sign–or a joke sign?!}  Anyway, you’d think it would have been a lot less effort, and a lot less expensive, for them to simply make it look like he’d died in some accident, rather than train some guy, make him go under the knife and have his face changed, train him how to speak, walk and act like the real Paul, then make sure he never says a single word that would give it all away!  Yet, that’s exactly what happened–oh, I need to add, IMO[in my opinion], since I have no proof–I’m just attempting to reason this out using the information that’s already out in the public domain.  

    I honestly believe his disappearance is linked to the nwo occult adherents/devil worshippers, and that he was marked to be a satanic sacrifice from day one of his life, or maybe before he was even conceived, believe it or not–from what I’ve been learning about the rituals those people perform during their ‘worship’ services, so to speak–inwhich they attempt to gain more and more power in order to try and conjure up evil spirits–whom many of them don’t recognize as evil, but think they are ‘little helpers’/guides from the ‘other side’––but, they are being used by those spirits to help them achieve their goals, one of which is entry into this realm we live in now–their purpose for wanting to be here is two-fold–they will attempt to kill every single Jewish person they can find, in order to keep Christ from returning–when they fail at that one, their next ‘goal’ is to meet Christ at Armageddon–in “The valley of Decision”–the valley that extends from Megiddo, all the way to Petra, where it’s thought the remaining Jews–real Jews–will have taken refuge from anti-Christ  and his army–and, in the book of Isaiah, it tells us that, once the Lord meets up with them there, when He’s finished with them, the ‘blood’ will reach all the way up to the horse’s bridles–He will slaughter them ALL!       Why?  Because, if He doesn’t, they will continue trying to murder everyone they hate, that’s why! 

They truly have no real future but they are delusional, and want to believe they have a chance to win–to defeat Christ, who is God’s Son, and equal with God the Father, who created the entire universe and everything in it–it must be tough to be that delusional!  I was nearly that blind to the truth myself, once–but, sometimes, it only takes once!  Arrogance is what keeps those people warm, I guess.    So very sad.    Oh well–they have until they breathe their last to repent–so, until then, they still have time–it’s just that no one knows exactly when they’ll die, unless they’re on death row in prison–so, I wouldn’t wait too long if I were them.    

   This is a very interesting video on what is thought to have happened that changed John Lennon so completely after 1966–not long after Paul’s disappearance, and substitution entered the picture. John’s ex-wife, Cynthia’s book is used in excerpts that she narrates herself, as picture comparisons of John, and “John” are made.  

  This next video is pretty good, too–he talks about the occult ties with the Beatles, and how it showed up in some of their pictures, including hand signs–I personally do not believe they realized the truth behind the masons, which is probably the org. they were members of, if they were even members at all–but, those in charge of things having to do with their band obviously were deeply involved in the occult goings-on within the mason org., or something close to it.  He got those picture comparisons of Paul and Obama’s mother, and that fireman, from a website that deals in pictures of people who look very much alike, called,”Totally looks like…”–Paul and Obama’s mother do bear a resemblance–I used to believe they’d taken a picture of Paul when he was a young teen, and transposed it onto another body, and called it Obama’s mother!  Now, I’m thinking it’s far, far worse than that!!

  This next video is a nice Anthology about the early Beatles–before they became “The Featles”–at least before 1966 they actually were John, Paul, George and Ringo!

  To round things out, here is a video of the Beatles at the Empire Pool, at which they received an award, after the sing during the concert. I love how Paul sings, “She’s a Woman”!


  “It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.”~Andre Gide~


A “White Knight” Production

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