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November 25, 2017

“Saturday’s child works hard for it’s living…”      


gossip  noun [ C/U ]

us /ˈɡɑs·p/

talk about other people’s private lives:

[ U ] Have you heard the latest gossip (= what is being said about someone)?

A gossip is also someone who enjoys talking about other people’s private lives:

[ C ] Charlie is a real gossip.
                What St. James had to say about the misuse of the human tongue:
But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.Therewith bless we God, even the Father; and therewith curse we men, which are made after the similitude of God.

10 Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be.”[James 3:8-10 KJV]

    I’ve learned quite a bit over the years as to how gossip ends by distorting the image of the one being gossiped about, and how destructive that ends up being to the one that is the object of the gossip.  I wonder no longer why it was that I never made any friends in school–elementary all the way through high school–and, why all of my closest friends lived on my own block, yet even then we had problems getting along lots of times.  I guess due to living so close to one another made mending the fences torn down by gossip was far easier to accomplish than it was for those of us who only saw one another during school hours.

   However, gossip made it very tough to survive those long school days at times, when you never seemed able to set things straight by being sure those kids involved heard the truth, and learned that it really was the truth, whether they liked it or not–most of the time I found that they enjoyed believing the gossip because it helped justify their awful behavior towards the ‘gossiped about’, and that way they also never had to say they were sorry for anything ugly said against the poor victim. It took me until about the 4th grade to finally realize what I was really up against. 

       After that, I learned the relative safety of standing on the sidelines and watching, instead of trying to be included among the girl cliques that had formed.  I also saw that there was this need for someone who saw what was being done to others, so could step in and try and comfort the other victims, and/or even befriend them, if they wanted a friend.  I just realized I didn’t want to be a party to what went on within those cliques.   They didn’t want me, and I didn’t want to be one of them.

   Gossip is like pure poison, and being the victim of gossip is like dying from snake bite.  It’s not just girls who gossip, but it does seem as though they are really good at it–almost Gold Medal good at it.  I ended up being betrayed by girls in my own 3rd grade class, for instance, with them literally dragging me out the door to the girl’s bathroom in order to humiliate me in front of the boys they had crushes on–needless to say, it was personally crushing for me!  After that, I don’t even remember seeing one of those girls for the rest of the school year, and beyond.  I just stopped looking, and stayed to myself.  I ate by myself every lunch hour from then on out, for the rest of the time I attended that elementary school.  I am so glad now that I had so many close girlfriends on my block to play with after school, so that helped get me through each school day.  So did having my grandmother, whom I had nicknamed “Nanny” when I was very little, to return home to each day, along with my younger brother and sister, and of course my mom, and my grandpa, aunts and uncles, too. 

   By 6th grade we had moved, so I was excited to make some new friends at my new elementary school, and at first I did–lots of them.  We even managed to visit each other after school at times, since we didn’t live very far away from one other.  However, that all ended abruptly, one awful afternoon.  I had no idea that, what I had confided in them concerning my crush on a certain boy in another class, they had spread all over school, and their gossip had ended by embarrassing that boy half to death. 

        The way I found out about it, though, was the worst.  I was walking across the blacktop, going towards where the other girls were playing 4-Square, when, suddenly, out of ‘nowhere’, that boy began shouting awful things at me, ugly things, hate filled things, and cursing me out and giving me his middle finger to boot.  As I looked over at the other girls, they were all laughing at me.  I couldn’t believe how they had betrayed my confidence that way, and had embarrassed that boy so badly that he never, ever again was nice to me.  He even wrote ugly things about me on the side of an old bus stop shelter that we all passed every day on the way home from school.  The odd thing about it was that, we had never actually met.  He only knew me from what those girls had said about me.  And, after that, there was no chance we’d ever be able to talk to one another at all.

   Those girls had heartlessly trashed me so badly that, after that, I would never again involve myself with any of the other kids in my class during recess.  That’s when I began going straight over to the jungle gym area, and I began practicing chin-ups every single recess period, and during lunch as well.  I felt I had to shut out the world there at school, and just concentrate on doing something I found to be fun, as well as helpful.  By the time a few weeks had gone by, some of the other kids began walking over to where I was doing all those chin-ups, and they never said much of anything to me–they just watched.  When one of them did say something to me, about how strong I thought I was by then, I told him to try it for himself, to see how many chin-ups he could do, verses how many I could do.  Once he, and those with him, realized how few they actually could do, they developed some respect for what I was doing.  However, after that, I never had another friend in any grade I was in–at home yes, at school, no.

   So, it seems that most people think that gossip is really ‘no big deal’, and that only uptight Christians are ‘agin” it–yeah, well, gossip is something that does ‘no body good’, period–ever.  It’s always malicious in intent–always.  And, it’s aim is to destroy it’s target, not help build the target up in a good way.  Good words spoken about someone is not gossip.  Plus, those engaging in gossip often do so in secretive ways, so that, if confronted by the object of their gossip, they can try and get out of taking the blame by denying they had said anything against their victim.  I know–I learned the hard way about that type of ‘circling the wagons’, in order to lie and deny their way out of it. 

        It’s sad and pathetic, but I’ve found only one solution to this ugly problem–to steer clear of those women, and stay clear of them, once I realized what was going  on–and, don’t bother to confront the gossips about their gossip against you–they did it in secret, so they think they can deny it all–and, once they do that, they will then try to turn the tables on you, and suddenly you’re the ‘meany’, and they come out smelling like roses.  The only time you might stand a chance is if you have witnesses who will stand by you, since they know the truth.  Otherwise, don’t try clearing your good name by confronting the gossips all by yourself–you will lose as soon as the gossips close ranks against you, and you will kick yourself for ever trying to do things that way, maybe for the rest of your natural life–ask me!

   St. James was so right in everything he said to us concerning the evil that our unbridled tongues can do to others–words can kill, in spite of what that nursery rhyme says about ‘sticks and stones…’ being the culprits alone.  Gossip can change someone’s entire life–for the worst at first, perhaps–but, God willing, never forever.  I also have faith in the fact that, someday, our heavenly Father will set every record straight, and when He does so, and confronts each one of us about our own words, no one will dare try to tell Him He’s wrong, and they’re right–they will have to live with what they’ve said in the past, and with the damage their wagging tongues have caused in the lives of others.  Thank God[Amen!]

  “A word fitly spoken is like apples of Gold in pictures of silver.”{Proverbs 25:11 KJV}

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17 And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.”[Colossians 3:17 KJV]

“…thy word is truth.”[John 17:17 KJV]

November 8, 2017

“Wednesday’s child is full of woe…”        





   Ever have the misfortune of listening to a ‘leftist’ speak publicly, or in the current media, about those on ‘the right’?  Ever wonder why no one seems to be very interested in correcting the scurrilous distortions, and outright lies being used to defame everyone on ‘the right’ who stand in the way of ‘the left’ getting what it thinks it wants in this world?  Ever think that the rhetoric coming out of ‘the leftists’ mouths is pretty much harmless drivel, that no one needs to take seriously?  Watch that video I’ve posted above, then try and think that way about it afterwards.  It’s unbelievable to me that those hateful people on the left even try using such outright, bold-faced lies to slander us all who are not among them. 

      Such horrible distortions, lies and downright gossip being passed off by them, as they attempt to poison the minds of others against those on ‘the right’, are almost unimaginably vile, and would be unbelievable to me if I hadn’t heard them for myself.  Not simply insinuating that those on ‘the right’ are insane–oh no, that’s ‘old hat’ to them by now–now, they come right out and make such claims, as though they all have a shingle hung in their offices that tells the world, “I am now a licensed Psychiatrist”.  So, forget the hip boots–they’ve spewed out so much waste material by this time we need a battle ship, coupled with a submarine, to help us navigate over, under, around and through it, if we hope to survive.

   I’d like to state right here and now one thing that is vital, in my view, where Christianity is concerned:  There is no Biblically based truth to the idea that this current Pope, and some so-called Protestant ‘representatives’, have had the actual heavenly authority within their grasp to unite the Protestant world to that of the Catholic world.  Those who make that claim, especially those charlatans posing as Christian Protestant ministers[in the video above], are NOT speaking the truth–their words are NOT truth.  Especially, when those same Protestant charlatans make the claim in a sneaky, round-about, subtle way, well worthy of  being compared to satan’s act of sneaky, supreme treachery in the Garden of Eden, that the Protestant break-away from the by-then-corrupted Catholic Church, was ‘of the devil’, and in no way sanctioned by Christ. 

   I have finally become able to put things together far better than ever before by this time, and it’s taken me since 1967 in order to do so, but for me, there is no turning back now.  Once the truth ‘dawns’ on someone, God forbid that they would ever turn their backs on it, in pursuit of the falsehoods that might even seem more appealing to them at the time.  And, I want to explain more about what I mean by all of that.  Back in 1967, I did experience two very eye-opening, heart-tugging epiphanies, that showed me something that I can now recognize for what it really was–it was the Lord’s call to me to belief in Him, as well as to show me His love for the Catholic faith–those two incidents helped propel me away from atheism, and into a pursuit of the truth of what in the world was going on!  However, I had thought, erroneously, that I had had to ‘settle’–and, I use that term with love–for joining the Lutheran Church instead of my becoming Catholic, due to the circumstances within my own life;  also, that I had erroneously thought that it had all been my own fault that I had never been able to overcome my fears about the Catholic Church, so that I could finally convert, as I honestly thought the Lord wanted me to do.  It’s been an excruciating 5 whole decades of constantly trying to take steps to convert, only to have each and every attempt on my part thwarted outright–it was all very confusing! 

    There never seemed to be a way for me to overcome all of the obstacles that were tossed directly in my path, or that manifested as terrible horrors within me, that kept me from being able to even attend more than two RCIA classes in a row, so that I could make the final, informed decision to convert, or to not convert.  This last time, it was a local Deacon who had listened to gossip spread by those who must truly hate me far more than I ever guessed that they did, that kept me from finally taking that last step to converting.  Everything he said about me was untrue, or a completely heartless distortion of the truth, and whoever slandered me to him did a masterful job of it, hitting me below the belt with each and every lie and accusation.  However, it’s taken me years now to finally realize that I need to thank the Lord for what happened, and forgive that hapless man for the things he believed about me, then used against me in order to hurt me.  Until that fateful day in his office, neither of us had ever laid eyes on one another, which made it all the more shocking to hear him repeat back to me what he’d heard as gossip about me, spoken about me behind my back.  It’s sad to the core.  However, now, I see that it spared me so very much, that I can’t begin to thank the Lord enough for what happened that day.

   I’m not saying that Catholics are not Christians.  They say that about Protestants, or at least they did up until recently.  Now, thanks to that man that’s been installed as their Pope, and those who are following the same path as he is, somehow the Vatican, along with some Protestants, have signed some type of ‘agreement’, or so they are claiming, with them insisting that “All’s Well That’s Ended Well!”–and, there is no longer a chasm between what Catholics believe and Protestants believe.  In their blinded eyes, we are all “one”, now.  And, all I have to say to that is–Poppycock! 

      Luther was NOT wrong.  And, in spite of Luther being a mere human beings, so imperfect, I now can see that it was the Lord Himself who had to have led Luther to do what he did, which led to the final split between those who were Catholic, and those who loved the Lord, but, due to the corruption in the Catholic Church at that time, could not bring themselves to couple up with it, in order to become Christians, and worship the Lord.  It had to have been the Lord Jesus who wanted the split to occur, due to the terrible corruption that had crept into the teachings and practices of that Church.  And, today, the corruption is worse than ever before, thanks to the infiltration into that Church by the free masons.  If you wish, watch this video in which Catholics themselves speak about that infiltration that is leading the Church’s hierarchy down the path of destruction, due to their unChristian beliefs:

    It’s finally becoming clear to me:  even though the Lord does love some things about the Catholic Church[there is something about that faith that is so dear to Him, and that’s from where my own love of Catholics must have come] but, He sees the corruption, so is why, since I was trusting in Him, and wanted to follow  Him, that I was stopped so very many times from ever converting.  Because, the Lord loves Protestants too.  No human being is perfect, so those thousands upon thousands of Protestant denominations have sprung up over the centuries out of human corruption, not out of any notion, or desire of God’s.  It’s man’s inability to stay true, and faithful to God’s word as well as their inability to actually obey the commands of Christ[to Love God first, then to love, and forgive, one another], that has caused such division to take place–God has allowed it, and I used to think it was for the best, and now I believe I was right to view it all that way.  Splitting us up can help those trapped in a situation in which some denomination has literally ‘gone off the rails’, and away from the Truth, to escape it, and begin to follow the Lord again.  Man is corrupt, not God.

   I have now realized that I am actually where I belong, thanks be to God and Christ, and I don’t plan on leaving the Lutheran Church any time soon. It does have it’s faults, but unless it completely leaves the Christian faith, I won’t be leaving it.  I love it, too, and always have–or, rather, I have since 1967–the Lord loves those who trust and believe in Him, and who wish to be forgiven by Him, so repent, and then follow, i.e. obey, Him.  As He said to Peter:

20 Then Peter, turning about, seeth the disciple whom Jesus loved following; which also leaned on his breast at supper, and said, Lord, which is he that betrayeth thee?

21 Peter seeing him saith to Jesus, Lord, and what shall this man do?

22 Jesus saith unto him, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee?  FOLLOW THOU ME.”[John 21:20-22 KJV][Emphasis, mine]

      So, Jesus said to Peter, “…follow thou ME.”, and stop listening to what others have to say, or what others tell you to do.  I have to say, “Amen!” to that!  Gossip is one of the most terrible sins, and it too often can end by harming someone very, very badly!  Gossip is always distortion.  Gossip is always spread due to malicious intent.  Gossips never mean their ‘victims’ well.  Trust me, I know of what I speak, where that’s concerned.  James speaks about the horrors of the ‘human tongue’–the book of James is located right after the book of Hebrews, and right before the book of 1 Peter. 

   I’ll close with these very wise words from the book of Hebrews, and two of my very favorite verses in the New Testament:

“1. Let brotherly love continue.  2.  Be not forgetful to entertain strangers:  for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”[Hebrews 13:1,2 KJV]



  “My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.” ~Abraham Lincoln~


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The Lord’s Mother, Mary

October 31, 2017
“Monday’s child is fair of face…”   
     I wrote this in answer to a reply to me concerning the Blessed Virgin Mary, on a YouTube channel today.  The note about her was unflattering to say the least, but the author of it was concerned about how Mary should be viewed.  I just wanted to keep a record for myself, mainly, about what I said on this subject.   Which is why I’ve copied it here to this blog.
     “Having been a Lutheran since 18 yrs. of age, I’ve heard all of the [anti-Catholic] scare tactics used against the Catholic Church, and that ‘info’ about Mary is just part of it. Have you ever taken the time to learn from Catholics who honor the Lord’s mother, just exactly how they view her, and why? You’ve made a claim that I believe stems from hearsay, not from first hand knowledge. Those kinds of too often hate-filled accusations kept me tied up in internal knots for decades, with [other fellow Protestants] feeding them to me to try and dissuade me from ever converting, and with them constantly flaring out their dire warnings against Catholicism, as though Catholics had the plague and if I got too close to one I’d certainly die.
     I attempted to describe the beauty I saw on the faces of so many parishoners as they entered the isle of the Church, and genuflected and made the sign of the cross in front of the large crucifix, to a Protestant minister, whom I didn’t realize hated Catholicism as much as he hated the devil. In fact, I’m sure he equated the two. So, when he heard what I had to say about the love I saw on the faces of those Catholics for the Lord Jesus, he tried to take me down a peg or two in front of a Church full of other women during the Ladies meeting that afternoon. He looked at the other women, then told them there was no way I saw what I claimed to have seen. No way!
     The Mary, the Blessed Mother, that Catholics adore, and love, IS the very same Mary that gave birth to Jesus. It’s a mystery why God chose her to bear His Son, but He did, because He found in her everything that’s lacking in the rest of the female population, and He loved her very much for that fact, I’m certain of that. I think Protestants had better watch what they say about Mary, because there is a mystery surrounding why God chose her, and I am now convinced that, by tearing her down, they do something grievous to their relationship with God and Christ.
     I had to defend the Lord’s mother, the one spoken about in God’s word, when, one Christmas season on an online message board, suddenly the Protestant hatefulness towards the Catholics took on a whole other viciousness, and it was aimed at Mary! Some even belittled her name, claiming that she was just some woman named ‘Miriam’, as though that took her down to a lower level in their eyes. One guy even went so far as to whine about how God didn’t chose his mother, and he couldn’t figure out why God hadn’t chosen his mother, since she was a ‘good woman, too!’. What was said was disgusting, and if I’d been the Lord, I would have been seeing red, believe me! I realized what seemed to be going on with those Protestants appeared to border on jealousy of Mary, the same woman spoken of in God’s word, who gave birth to the Lord!
     I haven’t converted as yet, but I completely believe that the Lord has placed His love for the Catholic Church in my heart, and has been steadily drawing me closer to her[the Church] all the time. That’s completely subjective so I have no way to prove it, nor to convince anyone else it’s true. But, in the New Testament it says that the Lord couldn’t deny Himself, since He knew who He was. I kind of look at it that way, where this love for the Catholic Church is concerned. I can’t deny it, since it filled my heart at a time when I not only was not a Christian at all, I was also thinking of becoming an outright atheist. Love for Catholicism hit me between the eyes like a bolt from the blue on two separate, but back-to-back occasions, and left me stunned, and confused. Thinking mistakenly that a person had to be born Catholic, like being born Jewish, so there was no way I could become one, I consented to do as my Lutheran uncle had been [wanting me to] do, and I joined his Church instead. I hoped it was the ‘next best thing’ to being a Catholic back then.
     So, I’m doing my own research, and investigation into all of this, and that includes looking into the Blessed Mother and her miraculous appearances around the world, including at Zeitoun, Egypt. I’ve seen photos taken at Zeitoun, and that doesn’t appear to be nothing more than a blob of light to me! God willing, I’ll find my way through all of this. Thanks for your concern, though. I do appreciate that.”

Maybe some day we’ll be able to do our own homework on subjects like these, if we want to, then sit down together and compare notes, and hash things out in a far more civilized and respectful manner.  God willing.

   Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.” ~ St. Jerome ~


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The Unkindest Cuts Of All… [Addendum]

October 30th, 2017

     I said I was praying, asking God for His help concerning what to say in the blog entries I had such a burning desire to write, when it came to those “Unkindest Cuts…”.  All night long I felt the tug on my heart, with the contention taking place within my mind, as I seemed to be struggling to do as I thought I should, against the very opposite idea, which was that I needed to stop this, and leave everything else up to God, when it came to what to do about it all.  And it took hours of God working on my heart and mind to get me let go of my desire to clear my own name, for me to realize that I should not write anything else on this subject ever again. 

     Instead, I simply need to work even harder on forgiving everyone everything, and loving them the way the Lord loves me/us all, and then try with all my might to just move on with my life.  That would leave everything concerning dealing with those responsible for the pain I’ve experienced, in God’s capable, exactly the way He wishes it always to be–we are to forgive, and leave all retribution up to Him:

“Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.”[Roman’s 12:19 KJV]

So, from here on out I hope to be doing, so will be working diligently towards doing, just that.  That will free me up, heart and soul, to move on to dealing with other topics that I know are so vital to us all, no matter what they might be, or how trivial they might appear to be on the surface.  I have no idea of what those topics will consist at this point in time, but since I’ll be playing this all ‘by ear’, I will only find out shortly before you will anyway. 

God bless.

The Unkindest Cuts Of All…

October 29, 2017

“…But the child that’s born on the Sabbath day,
Is fair and wise and good and gay. ”        


   {Please click on the title of my entry to go to my blog itself, to read this, and see the things I’ve placed in this entry to ‘pretty’ it up for you–you can only see many of them if you go to my blog, itself.}  

I’ve been praying, asking God for His help with writing this entry, because I desperately want to be able to defend myself against the gossip that has ended by hurting me so terribly over the years.  Things that have been said that have ended by coming back at me even through strangers, and biting me severely, ruining, or destroying, my reputation, and causing me to even be banned from taking the RCIA classes at the local Catholic Church. 

     I know the idea is always to simply allow the gossip to die by itself, and ignore it, because it will eventually go away.  Plus, there’s this saying, that goes “Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter”  I just wish with all my heart that the truth found in that little saying had been the case for me, but it hasn’t been. 

     Instead, the things said against me filtered down and out to perfect strangers, such as that Deacon at our local Parrish, who was a total stranger to me.  Everyone in his Parrish were strangers to me, as well, with me never having confided in them about my life, and what was taking place.  So,when he wanted to see me prior to the RCIA classes beginning, I thought nothing of it–until I walked into his office.  Then, he lit into me, telling me I was the cause of why my husband’s family never wanted us around them, never came to our aid and comfort when our son was killed in Afghanistan,  and that I was behind why our other son, and his wife, had estranged themselves from us both before and after our older son was killed.  With that Deacon informing me that I was a liar who should be institutionalized I was so crazy…and on, and on–until I caught him in a lie I knew I could prove. 

     However, I was so crushed by what he’d accused me of, and totally shaken by the fact that he was repeating such groundless gossip about me, that I told him I thought I’d just stay a Lutheran, and I walked out as quickly as I could, leaving him with his hands nervously shaking.  I believe he was shaking due to the fact that he’d just knowingly defamed me, and wouldn’t even allow me to defend myself against such accusations, with him never allowing me to explain things to him about what was going on.  He gave me no chance to stand up against what I knew to be outright lies, nor was I given the chance to find out the names of those behind the lies. 

      I suspected I knew who they were, but was found ‘guilty’ without being given the chance to defend against any of the accusations.  A totally UnAmerican thing.  In this country the ‘accused’ is always ‘presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty’.  In my case, I was ‘presumed guilty’, with no proof that I was ‘guilty’, and given no chance at rebuttal.  And, that smacks of the ‘kangaroo court’ mentality that I realized was behind it all.  All the accusations were founded on nothing more than gossip, period, and based on it alone, with the integrity of the gossips, who were saying such things about me, never being questioned at all.

     In the case of the Deacon, he simply dismissed me as though I was nothing at all, shutting me down, telling me I was nothing but a ‘Trouble-maker!”,  with him preventing me from being able to explain anything at all.  The encounter with that particularly vicious stranger left me shaking, and dumbfounded, totally bewildered, completely upset, and frightened to the core.  And, more convinced than ever before that the poison being spread about me by fellow family “inmates”[not wishing to think of them as actual relatives] was something far worse than I’d ever imagined it to be.  And, now, those who would have been capable of defending me against such outrageous nonsense were all–dead.

So, due to all of that, plus much more actually, I want so desperately to clear the air, and tell my side of what was going on.  All in the hopes that, at the very least, even some perfect stranger who might read what I have to say about it all, might believe me.  Seeing the truth through all the distortions and outright lies about me will take the abilities and God-given wisdom of Solomon by this time, I’m sure, but at least I will be able to rest easier knowing I’ve finally had my ‘day in court’, and have done my level best to clear my name of all ‘charges’ brought against me.  

     I will be doing all of that by telling the story from the beginning, or as close to it as I can get by this time, and it will take many entries to do that.  I’m convinced however that, by the end of it all, I will be able to rest far easier knowing that I was finally able to defend against what amounts to such scurrilousness that has brought me seemingly endless grief, and misery over the many decades since it first began.

     Until next time, [or the next blog entry], stay safe, love one another as Christ loves us, and God bless.


   If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it.” ~Lucy Larcom~{Poet, abolitionist & teacher…   https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poets/lucy-larcom  }

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*That rose is named “The 49er”–it holds special meaning to me for two reasons–one, I was born in ’49–two, I bought it in early Spring one year, planted it, and it put forth one gorgeous bloom that opened on–Mother’s Day–before anything else had bloomed that season.  And, they say God either doesn’t exist, or doesn’t really care about each of us equally–Ha!–that’s one of the biggest lies of all time–He even knows how many hairs we have on our heads!  He loves us more than we could ever love Him back, and Christ, His Son, died to save us.  So, please never tell me that God doesn’t exist, or doesn’t care one wit about us as individuals.





The Miraculous Staircase of Loretto, N.M.

October 6, 2017

“Friday’s child is loving and giving…” 

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.“[Psalm 91:1 KJV]*




   The story of the building of, and the existence of, the miraculous spiral staircase in the Loretto chapel, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is one that needs to be made better known.  The chapel has since been turned into a museum of sorts and a wedding chapel, after the Catholic Church decommissioned it.  It was built between the years of 1873, to 1878.  Once it was nearly finished, it was discovered that the architect, Antoine Mouly, who’d come over from France to design and build it, but who had died before it was finished, had forgotten to include a staircase leading up to the choir loft, some 22 ft. above the main floor.

  The story goes that the Sisters of Loretto, who’d come to that area from Kentucky in order to teach, decided to say a Novena to St. Joseph, who is the patron saint of carpenters, asking for his help in having some sort of staircase built.  At the end of the 9th day of the Novena, an elderly man suddenly showed up, asking for work, and when told about the need for a staircase in the Chapel, told them he could build them one.  He was equipped with just a tool box. 

   The story told in the first video[above] explains that the elderly man used no nails in it’s construction, only wooden pegs that he apparently fashioned himself.  Also, the wood he used did not come from New Mexico, yet he always had a good supply with which to construct the staircase.  It’s not known how long it took him to finish it, but once it was finished he left without collecting the money owed him, nor did he say goodbye to anyone before he left.

  To this day architects can’t explain how in the world it not only held when walked upon, but how it’s managed to remain standing, and useful, to this day, some 139 years later.  The elderly man built it without any railing, so the railing was added about 2 years later, after the sisters complained that they feared falling off of it as they descended down from the choir loft.  

   Those who can’t find enough faith in God’s abilities always seem to find a way to explain away anything that smacks of being miraculous, and so it is with this staircase.  It seems that supposedly another Frenchman, associated with the late architect Mouly, came over to this country explicitly to build that staircase, unbeknownst to the Sisters, or anyone else.  He seems to have brought the entire staircase with him in crates, or that’s the idea.  Yet, the elderly man who arrived at that time, inquiring for work, had only his donkey/mule, and his toolbox with him at the time, and no one ever saw anyone else arrive to provide him with the pre-fabbed staircase, that it’s said had been built in France and brought over here in crates.  Also, after testing the wood used in the staircase, no exact match for the wood could be found anywhere on this earth.  The type of wood, yes–the exact species of wood, no.

  Architects from around the world who have examined the structure marvel at how perfectly it was constructed–yet, it was constructed by an elderly man, using only what he brought with him inside his toolbox.  The Sisters said that they saw wood soaking in barrels, that he would bend into shape for the stairs, but that was all.  Yet, he always had what he needed, never buying any wood locally.  No evidence of him purchasing any wood from any local wood supplier was ever found.  No evidence exists that he had taken delivery of crates during that time, either.

 What else is marvelous about the staircase is the fact that there is NO center support for it, yet usually one is needed.  One architect said that, by all rights, it should have collapsed the first time anyone set foot on it–yet, it’s taken constant foot traffic on it for the last 139 years!  It, also, consists of 33 stairs–one for each year of Christ’s life before He was crucified.  It was also found that, the two supports at it’s base, on which ALL the weight rests, were strong enough to support the structure because the carpenter twisted the two of them into a  helix formation, causing them to become stronger by nature.  The staircase also consists of 2 360 degree turns as it rises from the floor.  Without it’s railing, it reminds me of a single spiraled ‘helix’ of DNA.  Perhaps that’s exactly why it was fashioned as it was, even though when built no one had any idea what DNA was, let alone what shape it took.

  So, the true life mystery of how an elderly man, using only some tools he’d brought with him on the back of his pack animal[either a donkey or a mule], who bought no wood locally, and had none delivered to him on the site, who worked alone without benefit of any electrically run equipment, or electric tools, whatsoever, managed to construct what appears to be one of the great mysteries in this world.  I think perhaps it needs to be categorized among the great wonders of this world–befittingly making it the 9th.


   “We love the things we love for what they are.”
~ Robert Frost ~

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Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Honey!!!

October 3, 2017

“Tuesday’s child is full of grace…”   



My Darling Husband of 47 years:  

No Birthday card,
Holds more love than this,
‘Cause it’s written with a Hug,
And it’s published with a Kiss. 

You are so very special to me,
And you deserve the VERY best;
I wish you nothing but wonderfulness in life,
A life that’s filled with love and warmth, and lots of happiness.

So, this greeting brings to you my love,
To wish you Birthday Cheer,
And greater, truer happiness
That increases year by year.

Happy Birthday, Bob!

Love, Hugs, and Kisses, from your long-standing wife,

Chris     {Queen of the ‘Royal’ Broom Closet}

{I love you, Hon!}